Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory.

These pages focus on entity handling and scripting, ie ingame functionality. 

These are actually the ugliest looking webpages I've seen since 1996 but I really don't have the patience needed when it comes to layout. Welcome anyway, there are some content here I havent found elsewhere, though some are more worknotes from when I learned scripting.




More entites for ET/ Radiant
My mapping "tutorials"
More reference-like pages
My media
Startup tutorials - my recommendations.
Places to visit


More entities for ET/ Radiant

· More entities for Radiant, (2004-03-20 - rtcw_ent_in_et_beta2.pk3) eg pickup weapons & ammo, exploding barrels, health pickups, lock/ unlock doors etc (comes w instructions and an interactive "museum" map )

· Updated entity file for Radiant (2004-03-20 - BETA2, this is included in the pk3 above)  more explanations and spawnflags (place in etmain/scripts and remove old .def file)

· For look and feel of some of the new entities in gameplay, check out the map Darji2 &

My mapping "tutorials"

· How to make a teleporter.

· Multiple condition triggers - how to build a medics only door or even how to  make a ritual which requires 5 axis medics, one fieldop and breaking stuff at the same time.

· How to create random areas in your map.

· How to make a bulletsensor.

· How to make a mirror.

· Smoke - how to make, move, direct and switch off. - graphic reference and user-guide.

· How to make a door move only in one direction.

· Objectives (my notes + links)

· Trouble with destroyable objectives, (func_explosive, construction classes and commandmap)

· Scripting for total newbies, and I mean total.

· common textures - .pk3 map showing ingame functionality of common textures


Briefer, reference-like pages

· Constructibles

· Commandmap markers

· Commandpost

· Spawnpoints

· Tags and movers

· rumble error


My media

· Videos

· Screenshots



(Here) A visual basic .exe file that will start ET in devmap mode, optionally directly to a devmap.

(Don't want to download unknown .exe-files from Internet? heres the VB .frm file for u to compile. (Here) )


Total newbie? 
Startup tutorials - my recommendations.

New to everything

· First room and getting used to GtkRadiant: (http://etmapping.andityler.com/index.php) (link outdated try splashdamage forums )

· Brushes and your first ingame entity, a door : (use above link)

· More items and more entities: (http://www.wolfensteinx.com/surface/tutorials.html)

· First scripting: If you don't even know what a script is: (Here - a tutorial by me) Your first script_mover: (http://www.nibsworld.com/rtcw/tutorial_basic_script_mover.shtml)

And then?

Pick a subject or ingame function you want to learn/ build.

1. You can first try to find if these links point to a tutorial about it:

2.         Then use the search function on that subject on these forums. Lots of newbies have got the exact same question you want to ask answered here already:

3. Also you could try the manuals in GtkRadiant (under "help"). These manuals are also here:

· Q3Radiant Editor Manuals http://qeradiant.com/manual/

· Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - Level Designers Reference (not really for beginners) http://www.planetwolfenstein.com/tramdesign/tutorials/etdocs/

4. Google for some distintive keywords you found on your subject, like "script_mover", consider adding wolfenstein or q3 to the search.

5. Try a lot of combinations in a testmap.

6. Post to a (newbie) forum of your liking and ask.

Places to visit

Places to visit  



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