The weapons I own and use are :

Farmars over/under, cal 20x70

Sauer&Sohn Drilling, cal 6.5x57R / 12x70

Rebuilt Swedish mauser 96 cal 6.5x55.

Valmet Combination, cal 5.6x52R / 12x70

Remington Fieldmaster, cal .22 l.r

The 96 is the rifle I use the most,both for deer hunting and target practicing.
I have been feeding the 96 with alot of different handloads and figured out a couple of loads that the"old one"likes.
I also use alot of the army sniper ammo for practice and the precision is great,usually 5 rounds under 1 inch at 100 meters !!
The 96 has been modified into a hunting style with a sporter stock,bent down handle and a see-trough scopemount with a 3-9x40 scope ontop. Some dont like the high see-trough mount but I think it works fine. Sure, it takes some time to get used to,but since I use the rifle as a allround weapon it suites me, I have the ironsight set at 50 meters for those fast shots at short range and heavily bushed situations.The scope is zeroed in at 200 meters for those calm long range shots with a rest of some type.

The Sauer&Sohn Drilling is a nice German weapon and I use it mainly for deer.
The caliber,6.5x57R is great but the factory ammo is quite expensive,therefore I mainly use handloads which saves me about 70% of the factory price!

I just had a scope mounted on the Drilling, a 1.5-4.5 Helia Kahles.I had to have the scopemount custom made to fit the odd diameter on the tube and the already excisting mount on the barrel.

The Valmet combination is also a weapon I like,itīs perfect for those hunts where you can come upon both rabbits,fox,birds or some deers.And you are never out of range or have the wrong gun! It is very accurate,being a combo due to the freefloating barrel. No problems with changes in point of impact due to barrel heating. I can fire 3-4 rounds as fast as possible and get groups at an inch. With the Drilling every shot climbs about 3 inches!


The Famars O/U is a slim and lightweight 20 gauge that suite me quite well, it has always been performing well both on clays and whatever game that has come in itīs way. I have never felt that the 20 has been to "small", with a good load and some rangeing discipline it has never failed me.


The Remington Fieldmaster is my "fun gun"! with 15 rounds and pump action it invites to some fun plinking!


I do my own reloading in the following calibers:

6.5x55 Swedish Mauser


5.6x52R (.22 Savage H.P)

7.62x51 (.308 Win)


I shoot my old Hoyt Spectralite Hunter since 1988 and I am a member of the Swedish Bowhunters Federation (SBJF) and holder of the IBEP license(International Bowhunter Education Program).

Bowhunting is still illegal in Sweden but the SBJF is doing a good job trying to legalize it.

Swedish bow hunters has to travel abroad to hunt and the most common places to go is the U.S,Canada,the Baltic states,Denmark,Poland ,Finland and Russia.


Instead of putting a lot of links here Iīll just give you one! Rick has tons of links for all kinds of subjects,such as archery,hunting,shooting,fishing,outfitters,lodges,retailers,reloading,etc.

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