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(Updated 2003-11-09)
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My name is Pepsie (Karmadale's Hot Pepper) and I live in Sweden with my two humans. Most of all I like eat and chasing cats in my backyard.


I'm very fond of stuffed rabbits. Here is one of my favourites:


When I was younger I went to shows. This is a picture of me and my mom at a show.


Nowadays we have moved into agility, obedience and tracking! This is how I look when I'm focused (not very often).


My human likes to do obedience trials and I have been forced to enter a few ones. Last winter we just managed to complete lydnadsklass I. I know very well when she is not herself and then I like to have fun. This july we made our debut in lydnadsklass II. My human was not happy after that trial. I did everything I should not (according to her). I myself think that I was pretty enterprising! The audience thought that I looked like I was having fun, and I was! We have trained a bit more since then, and now we have three legs in lydnadsklass II. My human is very happy and i hope that she finally will understand that I would like to stick to agility...



I like agility better than obedience and my favourite obstacle is the A-frame. My human and I have entered a few agility trials during 2003 and it is very fun. We seldom get high scores, probably because my human is too slow and we loose time. She has other things to say about that though...





Below you can see some of my achievements (?!):

2003-02-22Nynäshamn BKAg I22.47/57.47s31/42
2003-02-22Nynäshamn BKHp IDiskad-
2003-05-17Sthlmsavd/HUAg I12.62/57.62s20/42
2003-05-17Sthlmsavd/HU4Hp I16.27/56.27s31/42
2003-05-18Lidingö BKAg IDiskad-
2003-05-18Lidingö BKHp I12.43/52.43s17/43
2003-06-15Nynäshamn BKAg I21.85/64.85s29/56
2003-06-15Nynäshamn BKHp IDiskad-
2003-06-17Knivsta BKAg I33.14/60.14s21/48

My human and I have tried game tracking. I enjoyed it VERY MUCH. I have done some people tracking before but this was much more fun. At first I couldn't believe why someone had put blood in the forest but I realised quickly what to do. In the end of the blood trail there was a hoof of a roe deer. It took a while before I understood that such a hoof is very nice to eat.


I'm also very fond of running in the forest!!!.

Pepsie_is_running_1 Pepsie_is_running_2


I like to be in the water too. This summer I tried a new water sport. I put my head under water and catch balls lying there.


I also like to rub my back in the grass.


I get very tired after all the activities...


These are airedale friends from AIREDALETERRIERGILLET at Gnesta-Trosa BK where we got to hunt a rag and bark at ghosts.


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Past Airedales

Really, I have to admit that I was not the first Airedale in my family. I'm in fact number three (even though I always concider myself as NO.1). These two ancestors of mine introduced, separatly, my parents to the lovely, and a bit crazy, species of Airedales- "King of ..(you know what I mean)".

In memory of Bella and Tinny!

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