Past Airedales

Tinny (Tell-Tale Tinny):

Tinny's pedigree

My dad remembers: "Tinny was born in Januari 9:th 1977, in Stockholm, Sweden. She was a reliable and happy family dog, which could handle to live in a family with four small, noisy, children without any nervous breakdowns. On this picture she watches over us children from the beach when we are playing in the water on a sunny summer day in the end of the seventies. If some of us behaved unusually she quickly jumped into the water in order to save us (at least she thought so). She was always around during our childhood, ready for tricks and fun. She became a very old grand lady (13 years, 8 month), before she had to leave us".

Bella (LP Red Aire Forest Fantasy):

Bella's pedigree

My mom remembers: "Bella was born in December 22, 1983 in Enhörna, Sweden. Her breeder was Ulla-Britt Gylefors (Kennel Red Aire). Bella was like a puppy all her life. She went to obedience and tracking classes with me and we failed several times. Bella liked to run around and steal things from the trainer. I started to train Bella for obedience trials when she was 5 years old. We trained and competed together with my friend Tina and her dog Dusty (Golden Retriever). We went to a lot of trials and Bella became notorious of doing tuck-butt-runs on the obedience trials. The judges laghued a lot but I didn't. Fortunately she did those performances between trial excercises and we could get our 1st prices anyway. We competed for one year and then Bella became a family dog again. Bellas favourite habit was to roll around in dead birds and fishes. She could find a dead bird or fish almost everywhere. Bella became 10 years old before she died of Ehrlichios".