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Version 2.10 published 2006-06-28 (renumbered 2007-01-09)

Site version 2 has reached the end of the development cycle and there will be only maintenance updates at the user.tninet.se  domain from now on.

The Sniff and Divert Script is being maintained as 3.1.

Version 2.9 published 2005-12-26

This version is an intermediate development release on the road to version 3. It's published at chello.se only.

Version 2.8 published 2005-11-02

The version 2.8 is slimming the heavy site structure into a logical and easily transportable state, and thereby minimizing the chances for navigation errors.

The site's accessibility was tested with the following browsers and environments:

  • Netscape 8 (1280x1024, WinME)
  • Opera 8.5 (1280x1024, WinME)
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5 (1280x1024, WinME)
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 (1024x768, WinME)
  • Internet Explorer 5 (800x600, Win95)
  • Opera 4 (800x600, Win95)*
  • Netscape Navigator 4 (800x600, Win95)*
  • Internet Explorer 4 (640x480, Win95)*
  • Netscape Navigator 3 (640x480, Win95)*
*) limited compliance with these antique browsers

The Sniff and Divert Script is at 2.6 and so the final in the version 2.x series.

Version 2.8 SP published 2005-09-18

Somewhat unnecessary the PM site has in the course of time spread itself out at different domains, each being more recent (or dated) than another. The version 2.8 is here to correct this confusing state, by putting a relatively self-sufficient, tight site structure, transportable to any domain, in place of the others.

The Skeleton Preview represents the minimum structure as a combination of the essential parts from the different versions and domains, beginning with version 2.4 (cp. versions listing below).

Version 2.7 published 2005-06-01

The directory structure won't settle down at least until the next revision release, because of better solutions presenting themselves as the sibling sites makt.org and the Original Site develop. But there are some changes contents-wise with this site version.

First of all, the rather old Netscape 7.2 is gone as a custom release (even though the customized files linger on). Second, the Sniffer Script appears in a new full version release and it is accompanied by two very simple but effective, so-called Easy Sniffers for Business Sites and Personal Sites respectively.

The Sniff and Divert Script is being maintained as 2.5.1.

Version 2.6 published 2005-01-31

Back to an even number (whatever it would imply). The heavy directory structure is slimmed in the public/library and most of it *gone* from the protected/siteverN.n, thereby having got rid of many duplicate web pages (and they won't be missed).

To avoid accidentally breaking some complex but working relocation routines, the surfer will at times be directed to pages harboured by the earlier version 2.5 (and in one case even by 2.4). Moreover, all the old library files are still there, because of remained support for earlier site versions.

The Sniff and Divert Script is going ahead and is now at no. 2.5 :-)

Version 2.5 published 2004-11-07

So, we're half-way in the 2 series. This version should be characterized as a development release, building its way through experiments and enhancements, but less reliability. The site map is changing and will fluctuate somewhat until the next even numbered revision release.

The Sniff and Divert Script is at no. 2.4 and earlier releases should not be used, due to problems with JavaScript 1.1 app's.

Version 2.5 SP published 2004-09-17

This Skeleton Preview is for trying out and building in a new domain environment: pm.gateknik.se. What's new? Go check for yourself ;-) Well, the interesting stuff will have to wait until the proper release... The web pages do have their faults and are going to be modified for sure.

Version 2.4

At last the revision release 2.4 is there. Its main purpose is to distinguish between the public arena and the old technologies on the one hand and the protected arena and the new technologies on the other. The library is part of the public arena and located at another server and will be serving any old browser. The protected (and temporary) siteverN.n directory is housing documents for the new standards compliant browsers only, thereby keeping the site relatively small.

Version 2.3

The decimal point back-up release 2.3 was located here at the original (old) site. That release is for saving the site's continuity in case of a move from the present (chello.se) location.

Version 2.2

The decimal point release 2.2 is out. This release is mainly for architectural improvements and thus for moving away from the temporary siteverN.n URL's towards permanent library URI's.

The (renamed) Sniff and Divert Script has taken yet another leap forward and been upgraded to version 2.2, this utitlity again becoming more user friendly and more useful than ever.

Version 2.1

The decimal point release 2.1 is out. Minaret gets regionalised (anew). Taking advantage of the sniffing out timezones and browser languages, the visitor is relocated to the appropriate version. Here are some more features:

  • Meta. Wow. We CCK'd the last Netscape ever and also added a unique Swedish language pack: a total of 15 MB of Netscape 7.1.
  • Millennium. Finally moving into version 2, and counting on for another 997 years.
  • Minaret. DELUXE is going Swedish in PM Norden, European in PM Occident and American in PM New World.

The Browser and Environment Sniffer Script has taken a huge leap forward and been upgraded to version 2.1, becoming more user friendly and more useful than ever.

Version 2.0

Site version 2 is ready to meet the public. Prisma and Pergament are up-to-date and improved. Here are the main features:

  • POWER. Protected area is under construction; Yahoo group is created.
  • Parchment. Seven new news categories for the big screens.
  • Prism. All new PNG images, substituting the old JPEG's.
  • Pulka. Guests' Pulka as default in the big screen edition.
  • Mortar. The political forum is up and working.
  • Much. Still only a ToC. Fresh content in 2.2.
  • Millennium. Residing in version 1.9, counting on.
  • Minaret. A beauty for the big screens: DELUXE has about 50 new and fresh links.

The Browser and Environment Sniffer Script has been upgraded to version 1.9 and it will now sniff out the timezone you're in. Good to know if the visitor is in Europe or America or Japan (for instance).

Version 2.0 (Skeleton Preview)

We needed to get the new structure out the door. Therefore we released this skeleton preview even though not all content parts of the site were updated yet. These parts are now postponed to 2.0 (final) and, perhaps more importantly so, until versions 2.1 and 2.2.

The totally new structure is the main thing about version 2. It will allow a smooth and swift growth of the site in such proportions, that it doesn't look probable, but the sheer possibility makes a great relief for the web maker.

At present, the following parts of the site has somewhat regressed:

  • Prism. Only the original edition made primarily for Netscape Communicator has made it into version 2 yet.
  • Much. Still only a ToC. Fresh content in 2.2.
  • Millennium. Residing in version 1.9.
  • Makt. The Swedish pages in this section are residing in version 1.9 until 2.1 comes out.
  • Meta. Wait until 2.2 for something fresh.

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