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Welcome to PM! The site is split in two. Peter presents a personal homepage, which above all is about Peter himself, and Mikael gives attention to different topics of public interest, for example travels about Morocco.

I strongly recommend that you keep javascript enabled while browsing the PM site. Have a nice day! /Mikael
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  • Peter’s columnMeet our own ET, who recently arrived from another galaxy!
  • POWER — the interactive potential
  • Pergament — written on parchment
  • Prisma — Nostalgic about the FLOWER POWER era? This is the exhibition.
  • Pulka — hundreds of links
  • Mortartopical debates: West vs South
  • Meta — it’s about what it’s about: the web
  • Millennium — a thousand years from now... check the countdown...
  • Minaret [script enabled]52,000 visitors so far! — the best guide to sites about Morocco.
  • Minaret [script disabled] — standards version — no javascript needed.
  • Master - resources for the webmaster.

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