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SaturnHi Tellusians, original inhabitants of the Earth. I am a newcomer. Some of you would call me an alien, but I don't think so and I don't like it. My name is Peter and my place of birth is a very small and crowded planet in another galaxy. I just had to leave... I couldn't stand it so I went to your planet instead and was staying for a while in Asia before moving to the island of Åland in the Baltic Sea.
Now, after adjusting to the Tellusian (- at home we always use the name "Tellus" of your planet -) way of life, I've been given the opportunity to make my own personal homepage. Can you believe I'm so happy about this? Thank you... thank you so much all you human beings out there!
U-27 seen from a nearby colonyThis is a picture of my planet. It's small and red and it doesn't even have a proper name. Did anyone ever hear about U-27? I guessed not. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to take photos of it any closer than this. They say it's because it is so crowded and ugly and we are ashamed of it, but I know the actual reason. They are afraid of an invasion by space pirates or who knows what. Well, I don't know. Anyway, I don't miss it. My parents are dead and I don't want to go back. I have nothing to return to.
the space shipTake a look at this space rocket! In a machine like this I travelled to Tellus. We landed in Siberia, but I don't think any person noticed. It was a really cold night in 1996. And we turned the lights off.
There is one thing I just have to show you. While my mum and dad was still alive the whole family and me as a seven-year-old went on an "around-the-universe" tour. When we approached Tellus I thought this must be paradise. Just watch it!
Tellus seen from deck
All pictures are originally made by George Solonevich, then scanned and computer processed by PM.

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