I've been singing for many years, first I sang in the school-choir, then just at home, for fun, then I took vocal lessons for a few years, and joined my first band SPIRIT in 1987/88 (I'm not sure). It was a lot of fun to sing with Spirit for a few years, but, as with most bands, we had different ideas about what kind of music we wanted to do.

I wanted to sing heavier stuff, whereas they wanted to do more a kind of "tech-rock"-thing, á la Rush, Yes, Toto, Saga - those kind of bands. We went separate ways, and during that time, I spent about a year looking for another band, but that was tough... Some bands didn't know what they wanted to play, other bands COULDN'T play, others had more attitude than talent and some of them simply had the totally wrong idea, and it would never work... So I competed as a solo-artist in "Rock-SM", a Swedish national rock-contest, led by EUROPE's former manager Thomas Erdtman, and came second. Not too bad.

Then I worked with a very good friend of mine, Anki, who's a guitarist and music-teacher and used to play in successful girl-band MODESTY BLAISE, which I managed for a while. We played with a few different guys, but it didn't work out in the long run. I left in June last year (1996) to move to the States and didn't sing for a year.

Now when I'm back in Sweden, we're back working together, Anki and I, with two other girls, and so far so good! We've changed our attitude a bit too. When I was younger, the only reason why I wanted to rehearse and play was because I had this vision that I wanted to become a big star, a Tina Turner-kind of super-mega-star (ah, these dreams..!). We don't put that kind of pressure on eachother anymore, now we're just playing because it's fun, and whatever happens in terms of gigs or recordings is just icing on the cake! Singing is a great outlet and a real spring-cleaning for the soul!