This is an attempt to remember all the bands I've met and/or interviewed. I've never kept a diary of that, and this is the first time I give this a try - so let's see if I can refresh my memory!

This is the first "gang", the ones I can remember off hand. More to come - WITH stories and pictures..!

Under construction!



Alice CooperAlice Cooper is one of my absolute favorite interviewees! I've talked to him several times, and he's always easy to talk to, has many interesting things to say, and is very entertaining! This picture was taken at SAS Royal Hotel in Malmoe, Sweden (forgot what year it was). The minute after this picture had been taken, Pete Freezin' (who later on joined The Almighty) and the bassplayer (forgot who it was!) walked in, talked a little and then asked "Are you leaving now? Do you live far from here?" I said I lived just around the corner. "Well, let's go over there and party!". I lived with my parents at the time, and I knew that my mom was at home with curlers in her hair, and dad was watching TV. Talk about a shock to have your daughter walk in with Alice and his band! Needless to say, it never happened. I'm glad it didn't! My mother was disappointed to hear that I hadn't invited them. "I could have served them some soft-drinks and cookies"... Thanks mom, but NO THANKS!!!




AC/DCAC/DC This pic was taken after AC/DC's show at the Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY, July 30th 1996. The show was great, so I told Bianca, (right) "let's go and meet them!". She hadn't met many bands, so she didn't know what to expect. We were invited to come up on the bus by the (bored) busdriver. The guys in the crew were super-gentlemen and we were listening to Beatles-CD's and talking about life on the road, when the Young-brothers walked in. If somebody had told me 15 years ago thatAngus I'd be invited for PIZZA on AC/DC's tourbus, with Angus Young offering me a napkin (!) I would have said "yeah- RIGHT!". But that's what happened. The brothers were really nice. We ate pizza, had a soda and left. And the funny thing is what people always THINK goes on behind closed doors when two Swedish blondes are invited "backstage" - yeah, who would have believed us if we said that all we did was eat pizza..! :-)



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Steven Tyler & meAerosmith

My friend Ozzie and me were waiting for Aerosmith so we could get some autographs when they played there in Malmoe, Sweden in December 1993.

They were staying at this fancy hotel, and we (Ozzie and I) didn't "belong" in the lobby - probably scared away all their respectable guests...! So, eventhough we were totally quiet, and tried really hard to be invisible, the lady at the reception-desk threw us out. If we weren't guests at the hotel, and didn't have an appointment with anybody, we had to leave. Of course she didn't believe us when we lied that we DID have an appointment...! :-)

It was freezing cold outside, but we stood RIGHT outside the glass-doors, so we could see everything, and they could see us - but what could they do? We WERE outside! Just when I was beginning to feel like a big piece of ice, Steven walked out of the elevator! We figured, well, we'll just wait till he comes out (didn't wanna make a big deal of us being there, civilzed as we are!). But he smiled like only Steven Tyler can smile (=BIG!) and waved to us to come in. We walked in, and the lady that had thrown us out, came marching our way, majorly pissed off. "I TOLD YOU TO STAY OUT-SIDE!!" We explained that Steven had actually told us to come in, and she didn't believe us, but when she saw him standing right there, waiting for us to come over, she looked even MORE pissed off, mumbled something and walked away (Walk this way!). Steven was just like you would imagine he would be. Very open, friendly, talks a lot, laughs a lot! He just LOVES attention, but he also GIVES people attention. He made his tourmanager put us on the guestlist for Gothenburg the next day. Now THAT was a LONG story which I'll tell you about some other time...! We met the whole band, all of them were very nice indeed! No big heads or huge ego's there...!

Almighty, the

This was at the Donington Monsters of Rock 1992. I got an interview with Ricky Warwick and Pete Freezin in the last minute. The rain was pouring down, and we were standing in a tent trying to hear eachother (Slayer were on stage, and they weren't exactly QUIET..!!)

The guys were very down to earth, talked a lot, laughed a lot..! Can't remember anything in particular with that meeting though - except that they both laughed when I asked Pete about his collaboration with Sebastian Bach (Skid Row). They were in the same band years ago in Canada. Pete just laughed and went:

- He's out of his mind, isn't he?! In a wonderful way..! Yeah, we used to play together years and years and years ago. We've been hanging out today, talkin' 'bout old times!

(Oh yeah, I remember that mrs Warwick (MTV Headbanger's Ball Vanessa...) stood right outside to make sure her husband behaved! :-)





Black Sabbath and Black Sabbath #2

Britny Fox

I talked to these guys when they were opening for Alice Cooper in Lund back in 1990. We were sitting in their dressing room, and couldn't hear a thing of what the other one was saying, cause the crew was soundchecking right outside, so all we could hear was "ONE-TWO..CHECK!!" :-)

Barnes, Jimmy (picture w. autograph coming up)

This guy played at the Midtfyn Festival 1994, I met him in the press-area when he has just finished an interview with somebody - or maybe he just came in to have a snack, what do I know...! I just stopped him, asked him to sign my CD-cover and told him that I liked the song "Hardline". We discussed his music briefly, before he had to go. Shortly thereafter he came to my hometown Malmoe and played at KB, which is when I met him a few more short minutes. Nice fellow.


Black Sabbath

Bad Habit




Cycle Sluts from Hell

Cruise, Tom

Cash, Johnny



Dare (photos coming up)


Dare was the very first band I interviewed "live" for my newspaper. I was dead nervous, I didn't know anything about them, except that Darren Wharton had a past as a keyboardist in Thin Lizzy. He was late, and I remember being annoyed AND nervous at the same time. But when he finally showed up (I had been smalltalking to the other guys in band in the meantime) I totally forgot my anger. He was gorgeous..!! Wow! :-) Suddenly I had to cope with two things - not being nervous and not staring at my interviewee! Thank God they were all very understanding and easygoing. They were pretty much beginners at the whole "interview"-thing too, (well,except Darren) so the meeting went well. I could have been a lot worse off - I COULD have met L.A Guns... (see the L.A Guns story)

Danger Danger

Dickinson, Bruce

Dirty White Boy

Only TWO words about these guys: Stupid and boring! :-(

Depp, Johnny





Oh, man! I still laugh when I think of the Europe-meeting...! :-D I think I need to calm down for a few seconds before I tell you about that particular interview...! (LOL!!)


...met them at Kensington Market in London! They were just strolling around, looking at shirts. I remember looking at Nuno Bettencourt, thinking: "Is that HIM..? Nah...". And then, a few steps further down the hall I saw Gary Cherone, and there was no doubt about it! I thought they were nice fellows, but I heard from other people who were sort of close fans, that success sometimes got too much for the Extreme-guys to handle. I don't know - they were alright when I met them! I'd spoken to them both on the phone just a year earlier, and they were a real blast! Especially Gary was a real comedian! :-)

Electric Boys

These guys are NUTS in a great way! I've met them many, many times - I'll have to think more about when and what.... (things get all mixed up in my head, I must be getting old! :-D )




Front, the

AceFrehley, Ace

I only remember this vaguely, but it was at a Kiss Convention a few years ago, in Copenhagen, and some interesting stuff happened that day. Unfortunately I can't tell you WHAT to protect the innocent (or guilty..!). But I remember that my impression of Ace was that he was such a wreck! He could barely walk and he almost fell off his chair a few times during the interview-session on stage. I remember thinking how ironic it was that a man like that was being admired by millions of people just because he happened to be in a rockband, but if that same guy had been lying in the gutter somewhere (in the same condition), nobody would have given him a second glance! ONE thing DID impress me though, and that was that he signed autographs to every single fan who was there. We're talking about hundreds of people! The only thing I said to him was "Could you sign my jacket please?" and his very intelligent reply was "I'd much rather sign your pussy". Uh, thanks, but NO thanks! Maybe he's changed, but the person he was that evening wasn't somebody who I'd care to admire for a second...

Friedman, Marty



GillanIan Gillan (Deep Purple) I went to Helsingborg, Sweden with my Gillan-fanatic-friend Ozzie, and we were sneaking around his hotel hoping he would show up and sign her stuff (and some of mine). Well, she bumped into him in Domus - kind of a supermarket, where he was looking for hair-conditioner, and he was complaining abour his split ends..! Anyway, he came back to the hotel with Ozzie, signed everything, and was very nice! We saw the soundcheck too, and went to a few more shows after that. I'm sure she'll have a bunch of other stories to tell too! Go to her Gillan-page -



Great White


Gorky Park


Glorious Bankrobbers

Great King Rat



Hanoi Rocks (Mike Monroe, Nasty Suicide)

Hughes, Glenn

Heroes del Silencio

Hooters, the



Iron Maiden

Inner Circle




Judas Priest Well, the story is too long to tell HERE, so check out the band-story instead!

Johnny Crash

Jordan, Sass





L A Guns

:-( Aaarrgghh!! DICKHEADS!! I've never met more arrogant and unpleasant people in my entire LIFE!! I'll always remember them as the nightmare-band! Actually, I shouldn't judge thewhole group, just Phil Lewis and Kelly Nickels - total idiots..! My very first impression of these guys was when I tried to shake hands with them. Phil was like a dead fish, Kelly had to think for a few minutes before he even knew what I was doing, and then he shook hands - still holding his cigarette! During the interview Phil was half asleep, hanging on his chair, while Kelly looked as if he was in a totally different dimension somewhere. The answers I got to my questions were incredibly stupid and all in all, I can't think of too many nice things to say about those two dudes...


Love/Hate on the other hand..! I met Jizzy and Skid, Jizzy was more diplomatic so to speak, very "adult" considering he was in a "young" heavy metal band who sang songs like "Why do you think they call it dope?"... What I remember the most about him was that he talked about women´s rights, and said things that I wouldn't expect any rocker to say. He couldn't understand why people would wanna use women as objects, or why women had to live up to certain stereotypes about what they were supposed to look like. In his opinion, they didn't have to be thin and beautiful, the personality was much more important. Maybe it was just bullshit to see how I would react, but I remember THAT more than anything else he said that day simply because it was pretty unusual for a rock-musician to have opinions like that!

SKID was a very entertaining gentleman, he kept talking like a machine! He had his one-man-show out in the hotel lobby (this was in Copenhagen by the way, in some hotel that I forgot the name of) where he talked about Sebastian Bach among others.

- I wouldn't wanna be like him! He can't go anywhere without having tons of people around him. HE loves it, but I couldn't stand it.

(Love/Hate opened for Skid Row in the UK back in 1990 or 1991, if I could only remember years and dates!)

He also had a few, uh, NOT so nice things to say about Axl Rose..!


Lukather, Steve

Leningrad Cowboys

Living Color

Lynott, Philomena (Phil's mother)




EllefsonMegadeth I think I've done two interviews with Megadeth, I'm not sure, maybe three. I got my backstagepasses thanks to Marty Friedman (guitarist in Megadeth) because he's a friend of Anders Johansson´s, (Yngwie Malmsteen's former drummer). I know Anders, he's from my home-town, and I also happen to know his mother...! Marty didn't know how to get in touch with Anders, so right after an interview in Copenhagen, Denmark, I promised to help him with that. We walked up to his room, (which looked like World War 3, by the way! :-) ) and I called Anders. Then I gave Marty the phone and left. Later that day I had a message on my answering-machine from Marty saying that I had tickets and passes for the show. When I was younger I used to sort of fancy Dave Ellefson, and I was looking forward to meeting him, but he turned out to be either in a bad mood or just boring in general... Dave Mustaine on the other hand was a blast! He was laughing, telling jokes, talking to everybody - a real entertainer! I was surprised, cause all I've heard about Mustaine had been negative. I couldn't find anything negative about Dave!

More pics on mr Mustaine soon - and I tell ya, you're gonna laugh!!



Mötley Crüe


Mr Big


Malmsteen, Yngwie

Martin, George (Beatles-producer)

Manic Street Preachers (Richey)

Mike Monroe/Nasty Suicide (ex-Hanoi Rocks)



John Norum

Tone Norum (John's singing sister!)

Nasty Idols


Nilsson, Tommy (Easy Action)


Ozzy Osbourne



Pretty Maids






Ruff, Michael

Reptile Smile




Baz BachSkid Row Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) and I backstage in Gothenburg, Sweden 1991. Man, was he drunk that day!! L. A Guns supported them on this tour, and I remember travelling from city to city to see the gigs, and sometimes didn't get any sleep at all for up to three days in a row...There will be a separate section about Skid Row somewhere on this page - so many things have happened during the 8 years that we knew eachother!






Sons of Angels

Swedish Erotica

Southside Johnny


Sister Whiskey

Silver Mountain

Stevie Salas

Sons of Angels


Snider, Dee






Tora Tora








Vinnie Vincent


Venom (Cronos)








Yngwie Malmsteen