W.A.S.P in Karlstad, Sweden!

Chris feet"I love these! I never have to wash any socks!!"

- Chris Holmes (W.A.S.P)






Chris eating pizzaPicture: After the show, late at night, we were all starving but nothing was open at this late hour in Karlstad. Then somebody "remembered" that the band had 12 boxes of PIZZA backstage somewhere, and the guitar-tech guy went to get a few... So here we are, outside Jäger eating pizza at 2 o'clock in the morning...!! :-)




Chris signing autographsChris signing autographs a few hours before the show. He came over to my and Bianca's table and just started talking...! And he stayed until it was time for the show. He was great, totally genuine, down to earth guy. More about that when I finish the story..! :-)


Chris with a fanChris with a fan many hours after the show. It was getting cold and it was raining, but Chris spent all day talking to his fans. He was the only one who even bothered to show up in public and socialize. Blackie avoided people in general for some reason. Hopefully he just had a "bad day".


Stick around for the details from Karlstad and most likely from Gothenburg and Malmoe!


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