My family...!

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This is my little sister Renata (19) and me - taken at Express Portraits, Crossgates Mall in Albany. I lived in Albany for a year, and this picture was taken when she was there to visit me! [January 1997]

One of my 5 birds! This is Nikki, named after Nikki Sixx (Mötley Crüe). She can talk a little and is a real hooligan! She destroyed all my kitchen-wallpaper while I was on vacation, and she's constantly doing her best to wreck everything she sees. She drives me nuts, but she's still one of my favorites...!

...and here's the Trio! Mickey, Rocky and Lexie [RIP my little friend...]. They are doing their best to make me deaf, starting at about 5 o'clock in the morning..! Here they are on the radio - they, just like their "Mom" (me!) love loud music, the louder, the better!

Jocke, my dear little birdie..! He must have worked on Broadway in a former life, cause he can sing, dance, whistle and talk - and most of the things he knows (such as whisteling melodies) he taught himself!! He's really special. My Mom got him from a friend at work, cause the family that used to have him didn't care about him, nobody ever talked to him or spend time with him at all. So we adopted him, and now he's everybody's favorite! When I moved away from home I took all the birds with me, cause at least two of them (Nikki and Jocke) wouldn't come to anybody but to me, so... I'm glad I have them! Life would have been a lot more boring without them!

My Dad, taking a swim one hot day at the Adriatic Coast, right outside Split. He used to be a real pro-swimmer, and he's still in good shape! He retired from his job two months ago, and is now enjoying a well-deserved rest! He's the best dad in the world, by the way! He must be the last totally unselfish person left in the world. One of a kind, no doubt...

Here he is again, Mr Cool (!) reading the newspaper. This was on the summer-vacation if 1994 I think.

My grandmother Anna with my sister on Christmas-Eve 1995! Grandma is a very, very strong lady in all aspects. Very stubborn, walks several miles away, won't let anybody boss her around and is an ace in math! Besides, as with most grandmothers, she's an excellent cook!