Solnahallen, STOCKHOLM, Sweden

November 7, 1997


After having seen the show in Copenhagen a few days earlier, and found it to be one of the best gigs in a looooooong time, I didn't really expect this one to be anywhere near the Vega-concert (you can't make magic twice - or..?). It turned out to be better than I could ever have imagined. A part of that had to do with the fact that mr Coverdale had decided to "terrorise" me during the whole show.... We had met right before the concert, and he knew I was a big fan, so he did the whole "eye-contact"-thing, singing well chosen parts of the songs ("a hard loving woman like you just makes a hard loving man" for example..!) looking at yours truly...! That was enough to make MY evening! :-)

But apart from THAT (ahem!) Whitesnake really DID do their magic one more time. They are having a good time on stage, it's like a bunch of young guys out on their first tour - in terms of enthusiasm - but then they have the talent of a band that's been around long enough to know how to entertain a big crowd. The place was sold out (just like most shows on this tour) and every single fan in there got a piece of the best Whitesnake has to offer.

Just like in Copenhagen, David did requests, but he couldn't remember the song I wanted to hear - ("Rock'n'roll Women" from the Love Hunter-album)! And it seemed to really bother him, cause he kept scratching his head going: "I fuckin' can't remember..?" many times during the show.

A few times during the concert he went back to his old male chauvinist-image, scratching his private parts going "Even at my age, I still like to fuck"... Yeah, we bet. This show was similar to the one in Copenhagen, except that here he did "Slow'n'Easy", which the Danish audience didn't get to hear.

For some reason he didn't wanna do "Guilty of love", eventhough people were shouting it all the time. At one point he even made a joke of it and said to some guy who was screaming "Guilty of love!!" from the top of his lungs:

- Ah, we already did that one while you were out in the bar!!

The band does an instrumental which is a fast "show-off" thing, performed with a great deal of humor, and unlike other solos or instrumentals, it wasn't too long. Only long enough to give David a chance to change his stage-clothes. He went from a blood-red blazer to a blue shirt, which was soaking wet from all the sweat after only a few songs. He IS working hard! So hard in fact that he injured his chin with the microphone during the show.

He thanks the crowd over and over for being there and for sticking with him for 25 years. He doesn't seem to take anything for granted, and the atmosphere in the arena was... "we love ya David!!".

Most of us were in our 30's, some older and some younger, but all in all, it was easy to tell that most of the ticket holders this evening have been with Whitesnake since the early days.

The last song we get to hear is "We wish you well", again from the Love Hunter album, and above our heads is the Whitsnake-logo with a single, simple spotlight on it. Very effectful, and very sad. I for one can't believe that this is the end of an era. Many fans didn't wanna leave, it was like, "is it over, already?".

The thing with this show is that it seems like it's only been 30 minutes - no matter how long they play! It could have been 3 hours, and it still wouldn't be enough.

But for me it's still not over, at least I hope not! Gonna try to go to Manchester and see the Snakes there - if I can get hold of a ticket ,that is!! Keep your fingers x-d!