Restless Heart-tour 1997,

VEGA, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 4th


The first time I saw Whitesnake was 1990 on the Monsters of Rock-tour. They were on top of their career, sold out shows wherever they went, and no place was big enough for Whitesnake. It was amazing - they were larger than life, a real rock'n'roll glamour-band, untouchable.

Then it took them about four years to come back to the north parts of Europe, and that was at the Midtfyn-festival in Denmark in June 1994. Absolutely amazing - again! It was a real kick, I mean, just to see Whitesnake live on stage made me high!

And now, David Coverdale decides that he's gonna put Whitesnake to rest, bury the name while he still can, before it becomes an embarrassing "old-guy-band" situation.

But if this is embarrassing, then he's welcome to be embarassing for another ten years! I'm totally blown away..! They opened with "Walking in the shadow of the blues" from the Love Hunter-album, and it only took David about three seconds to show that he was the king of the stage and that he was born to sing...! And NOBODY can handle a microphone-stand the way mr Coverdale can! He can make anything look cool and sexy!

But the most amazing thing of all is his voice. He's, what, 46 years old, but his voice is still as incredible as it was back in the early 70´s! He goes from high screams ("Still of the night" for instance) which he masters completely, to slow ballads ("Soldier of fortune" , "Is this love" etc) without losing a single note - everything is simply perfect. This is what makes a good singer - he sang a few songs á capella and it sounded great - without instruments, without effects, just the man and his voice. No wonder he manages to touch people's hearts...! Some guys next to me were practically crying!

He's got style and elegance in everything he does. He's funny and down to earth, communicates with the audiece as if they were all old friends of his. And when he sings, he gives it everything he has. I can't even remember when I last saw a concert this good!

People screamed out requests and he sang them - like "Mistreated", altough he shouted back to the guy who wanted to hear it:

-"Mistreated?? At my age??".

It was a big party. We got what we came there for - "Ain't no love in the heart of the city", " Mistreated", "Here I go again", "Still of the night", "Love ain't no stranger", "Fool for your loving"... The list goes on and on. And two new songs too, the ones he introduced as the "greatest flop we ever had" - "Restless Heart" and "Too many tears".

The band, Adrian Vandenberg, Tony Franklin (ex-Firm and Blue Murder), Denny Carmassi (ex-Heart), Steve Farris (ex-Mister Mister) and Derek Hilland (ex-Iron Butterfly) did a great job, they are all good at what they do, but personally I had a hard time classing them as "Whitesnake". They are very talented, but at the same time they gave an impression if being session-musicians more than a BAND. I had the same feeling when Steve Vai joined the band for the "Slip of the tongue"-album, he didn't quite belong. People like Cozy Powell, Rudy Sarzo or Neil Murray do. But who cares, it SOUNDED good, and there was David Coverdale with his stage-charisma and amazing voice, that's all you really need to have a good time!

The audience was there to worship and re-live memories from the past and maybe get a clue of what David is gonna do next, as a solo artist. Whatever it is, we can be sure of one thing: It's gonna be nothing less than the very best...