Some pix!

I'll tell you more about these in a short while so stick around!)


Moi with David outside the tour bus right before they left for Helsinki on Saturday morning, 11.25 AM (November 8th)

Adrian Vandenberg, the giant with Daniela the midget! Hotel lobby, right after he finished his breakfast..!

David and my pal Bianca, outside the tour bus. He's telling us about how he got the bruise on his chin the night before!

Bianca, Denny Carmassi and I outside the elevators at the hotel, right after his breakfast, around 10.40 in the morning. When I asked him if he knew what the Wilson-sisters were up to (he used to play with Heart) he simply answered: "Eating..."

Bianca with Steve Farris (guitarist, ex Mister Mister). He was laughing at the photos from the vinyl-single sleeves that some guy brought for him to sign. Steve's hair used to look like a birdnest, and his comment was "well, we all had it in the 80´s, didn't we?!". True, so true!

Tony Franklin and Bianca with the "world-famous" elevators in the background! He had been out shopping, and had two bags full of health-food: tofu, rice-cakes... Far from the rock'n'roll image we're used to!

A photo from the press-conference at the Midtfyn-festival 1994 (I was there, and what an experience...!) Of course, I just HAD to get David to sign it. Which he did!

Adrian from the Midtfyn-festival press-conference in 1994, autographed three years later, in 1997 - the last Whitesnake-tour...

David signing a fan's stuff, right before he went up on the bus.