When Chris left, Bianca and I left too. I thought I'd just check if there was any chance in hell to get Blackie to sign my LP too, cause I was a bit sick of carrying it around.

We went over to the hotel, but the minute I got there I just felt that it wasn't a good idea. If he wanted to sign autographs or mingle, he would. I didn't want to be a pain in the butt, so I left the LP in the car and we went back to Jäger. It was time for the show to begin.

Just when I asked for the guestlist someone brought it to the door-man, and he looked for my name. He found mine, but Bianca's name wasn't on it... Now what..? I couldn't just leave her, so we tried to come up with a solution. Get Animal were already playing inside. Bianca saw Dan, the production-manager, went over and asked him if he could help. He was more than happy to assist, and told the door-guys "these two are DEFINITELY okay, definitely!" and we could walk right in. Like I said, the W.A.S.P-people are totally okay!!

When we walked in, I couldn't believe my eyes. The stage really WAS tiny! Oh my god... I remember asking one of the guys from the crew if W.A.S.P were really going to play such a small place, and he said "sure, they're professionals - if they're booked here, this is where they'll play".

As always, I had to stand in the front row, cause I'm too short to see anything if I'm not in the front! I squeezed in so I could stand RIGHT in the middle. I was lucky, cause one of the guys who borrowed my silver-pen earlier that day (to get Chris' autograph) recognized me and said that he'd let me stand there because I helped HIM earlier. There you go - you never know when it's gonna pay off to be nice to people..! :-)

I took a look at the stage and saw the photo Chris had asked for earlier - it was a picture of Blackie signing autographs in Copenhagen, with Johnny the tourmanager covering most of the photo. I have NO idea what he needed it for, but he wanted it and of course, I gave it to him...! Now it was taped to one of the spotlights on the stage! I'm sure there was a story behing that, and I wish I knew what it WAS...! :-)

Pink GibsonIt was getting really crowded and I could barely breathe, they were pushing from behind and some of the guys were really BIG - I mean, the guy right next to me was a pretty heavy fellow and I had his elbows in my face or in my ribs for about 2 hours...! But I was NOT going to let anyone get me over the fence, I was there to ROCK!!!! Get Animal finished (I didn't get to hear that many songs cause we got stuck in the door with the guestlist-thing!) and W.A.S.P came on after a little while. People went crazy...! I'm STILL full of bruises after that show - all over my body, I mean, I look like somebody seriously beat me up!

The show was good in the sense that I got to hear most of my favorite songs. The set was shorter than the one in Copenhagen, and there were no special effects, no blood-drinking or feather-bombs. In fact, this was the first concert that I've ever been to where the band didn't do ANY encores! The band went off stage, screamed "THANK YOU! GOOD NIGHT!" (like they always do) and DIDN'T come back, which is pretty original. The crowd kept yelling "WE WANT W.A.S.P!!!!", but the lights went on and the crew started working getting the equipment off the stage. Nobody understood what that was all about...I thought the crowd would wreck the place when the band wouldn't come back on stage.

It was a strange feeling and it felt like the show wasn't really over, because they hadn't finished it "properly"! It was still hanging in the air somehow. But, who knows, there must have been a good reason for that - it's just that we regular people don't know what it was! :-)

Pink Gibson entertaining[Picture: Pink Gibson from GET ANIMAL played requests ouside Jäger, and sold CD's at the same time!]

We went outside, I was thirsty as hell and needed some fresh air. So we talked to the t-shirt guy for a few minutes and then we went outside. Pink was entertaining a small crowd outside by playing requests..! Lots of people were sitting there, waiting for I don't know what. We talked to the t-shirt guy, to the production manager Dan, to the guys from Get Animal, to guitar- and drum tech guys and the sound engineer! Turned out that the guitar-tech had worked for Black Sabbath back in 1995 as a DRUM-tech for Bobby Rondinelli. I said that we must have met then, cause I was at quite a few shows back then, and even saw the last show they did with Tony Martin in London.

- Naaah, I don't think you were there.. he said.

- I WAS! I was in Stockholm, Lund, Copenhagen, London...

- I would have remembered you, luv..!

His memory is not as good as he thinks, then..! :-) He asked me what music I enjoyed listening to, and I mentioned Judas Priest, Dio, Sabbath, Van Halen, Lita Ford... When I said "Lita Ford" he put his finger on his mouth and went "ssshhhh!" while he tried to make sure that Chris hadn't heard anything.

- Oh, that's alright, we already talked about her earlier today... I said.

- You did? I guess it's alright then...

He was happy to hear that there still were "young ladies" out there who liked the good old stuff, and told me to look him up in Gothenburg or Malmoe, cause he had this CD-player full of great music that I would surely like, we could listen to it if there was time. That sounded like a good idea (I don't think it was a pick up line..!).

K.K from Get Animal asked me if we (Bianca and I) were hungry, and I said that we are starving. So he went around the whole town looking for food! He came back and said that everything was closed. Then he went back into Jäger to find out if they had sandwiches or something. He came back disappointed - there was NO food to be found anywhere! When Dan, the production-manager heard that he went:

- Are you guys hungry?! Do you want some pizza?

We said that if he could FIND pizza anywhere in this town at this hour, we'd be happy to have some...! He sent the guitar-tech to get the pizza, and a few minutes later, we were stuffing ourselves with pizza. Chris just took a big piece and started eating. Somebody asked for knife and fork - TOTALLY anti-rock'n'roll! It was so fun out there, the Get Animal-guys were mingling, Chris was talking to fans (most of them were so drunk they could barely stand on their feet), the crew talked to people - it was like a big street-party!

The t-shirt guy[Picture: "Oh, yeah...Great party...GASP!]

I mean, there we were, in the middle of the night, waiting for absolutely nothing, just hanging out..! But what amazed ME the most was one thing in particular - some guys were trying to persuade Chris to try some of their home-brew (shitty alcohol) and pretty much stuck it in his mouth, but he kept saying no. He didn't even accept the beer that a guy bought him earlier that day!

The way these guys handed the booze over to him, anybody would have accepted and thought "ah, what the hell..!", but he knew he wasn't supposed to drink. That must have been difficult for him, cause as we all know, Chris has quite a history with alcohol...Things like that impress me. Not that I think he's a health-freak now, but it must be so tough for an alcoholic to say "no"!

Anyway, as we were eating and talking, a girl who was pierced from top to toe with henna-red stripy hair walked up to Pink (Get Animal) and asked him to sign her tits. Suddenly, EVERYBODY went over to have a look. Some guys from the W.A.S.P-crew leaned over to Bianca and said "that is so sad...". So, not everybody was impressed, amazingly enough... Chris helped a fan to get in backstage, cause Blackie might still have been in there.

When he came back he just said:

- I told the security guys to throw him out if he fails to stand up!

Dans beer[Picture: Dan prepared for a street-party with one beer in each pocket!]

The guy had been pretty drunk... As a matter of fact, K.K was pretty sick of drunken Swedes, and couldn't believe that they drank that much. I told him that we were used to it, cause this is what it looked like every weekend...!

Chris was busy with a bunch of fans, so I didn't go over there. But it was beginning to rain and it was getting cold. So, as much as we enjoyed chatting to all these people, we had to leave. Bianca went over to the t-shirt guy to say goodbye (he was really nice), and I waved to Chris who was busy with his fans.

- Bye, Chris, I said and then we left.

I didn't really want to leave, but we could have stayed there all night and all morning if we hadn't left when we did. I mean, everybody talked to everybody - fans, artists, crew... It was really great, a relaxed atmosphere. I had a PERFECT day, and I'm still not off the adrenaline-kick! I've barely been able to eat or sleep since then, cause I really had a blast! Two more shows to go... Tuesday and Wednesday!

Keep visiting! :-)