Blackie walking up on stage for the encoreBlackie coming back up on stage for the encores (KB in Malmoe, Sweden) You can still see the blood on his face and t-shirt! :-)







Chris encoreChris walking back up on stage in Malmoe...










Chris liveChris live! KB (KulturBolaget) in Malmoe, Sweden! What an evening of rock'n'roll! A guy from the audience said that he felt like he was at Madison Square Garden because W.A.S.P really knew how to put up a show! And KB is nowhere near a big arena, it's a club (pretty big, but still...).I have to say the same though - a band never looked BIGGER on that stage than W.A.S.P!!











Chris and AndyChris came back after a signhtseeing-tour in Malmoe. He was looking for a place to get a beer and couldn't find one (obviously he went in the wrong direction, because just a few steps down the street is the "bar-block" of Malmoe!) He found the sound-guy lying in the sun relaxing and Andy playing with his yo-yo (or what IS that?! :-D).










Relax...Aaaah! Working for a rockband on the road is really hard work, but hell... Somebody's gotta do it..! :-D Mr sound-guy working his butt off in Malmoe... :-)