Blackie signing autographsI went to Copenhagen (Denmark) for a new adventure - to meet the metal monsters W.A.S.P! :-D

I decided to go on my own, I feel more comfortable "chasing" bands when I'm alone for some reason. I arrived early in the afternoon, at 2 p.m, and there was very little activity outside Pumpehuset (the venue). The bus and the trucks were there, but no fans yet. Great! I took a seat and prepared for a long wait...

Crewpeople, the tourmanager and bandmembers (the opening act Get Animal and the two new guys from W.A.S.P) passed me and nodded, smiled and said hello. Very friendly bunch! The Blackie w. roadie (?)tourmanager asked me if I worked there, and I said that I was just a fan, waiting for the band.

- Which ones are you waiting for? he asked.

- Chris Holmes... And Blackie, of course...

- Chris is still sleeping up there on that bus, I'm gonna wake him up in about 20 minutes. Blackie is up there too, but he won't come out of the bus for a while. He's doing interviews.

- Well, that's okay, I'm used to waiting! I said.

He just smiled and started banging on the truck-door to wake up the driver. It was time to unload the equipment!

Blackie w. tourmanagerI sat there for a very long time watching the crew work like ants. A few other fans came and went while I was sitting there.

Then suddenly, everything was quiet again. The stuff was inside now, the band was on the bus, and the fans were gone. I sat there and watched a little bird who was poking around in the garbage-can right next to me. That was my entertainment... A few minutes later, three bums came walking pass me, one of them had a dog (they always do!) and one of them was talking VERY loud, and I just kept my eyes on the little garbage-can birdie hoping that they wouldn't ask me for a dime!

Another few minutes passed and a few more fans showed up. Ozzie's boyfriend Anders came too, with his entire collection of W.A.S.P CD-covers (his and Ozzie's).

Blackie- Chris just signed those! he said.

- What? Has he been out Where is he??

- Yeah, he just came out, signed a bunch of records and then he left with two friends of his...

Bummer!! Just my luck. Ah, well, at least he was awake, I'd catch him later. But suddenly we saw a bunch of people gather around somebody, and Anders went:

- Look, there he is! Chris!

I looked over to the guy and thought I was gonna die... One of the three "bums" I had seen earlier and tried to avoid, was CHRIS! Jesus, I would never have recognized him!! He looked older in the daylight and the clothes weren't exactly what I'd expect CHRIS to wear, but.. it was him alright! Next time I'll make sure to take a close look at EVERY "bum" that comes along when a band is in town, just to make SURE they aren't rockers in disguise!

Chris[pic: Chris walking up to the backstage-door]I grabbed my leather jacket and went over to Chris to have it signed.

I always thought that he'd be extremely tall, but he wasn't THAT tall. He's cool in his own very special way, real cool! But he becomes the "REAL" Chris Holmes when he walks out on stage! Somehow he even steals the attention from Blackie - Chris is everybody's hero!

TourbusAnyway, got my autograph and went back to my seat. A guy from the opening act Get Animal walked over, sat down right next to me and started talking. Actually I think he just asked me something, and the conversation just went on from there. Really nice guy!

He left and I saw that there was a crowd over at the tour-bus again- Blackie had come out! He was wearing shorts and sneakers and was signing autographs for all that he was worth. I got my 2 photos of him from backstage Donington signed. I wasn't that eager to stick crewaround Blackie because I've met him before and done interviews with him, so I can step back now. I have a few Blackie-autographs already, so.

Blackie went inside, and Chris stayed outside talking to his "bum"-friends and to the Get Animal-guys. He seems pretty restless, but obviously likes to socialize! :-) Nobody was bothering him, he was out there with the rest of us, but everybody had already gotten their autographs, so they had no reason to be all over him. I thought it was funny, cause a few years ago, that would have been impossible. But here he was, Chris Holmes from W.A.S.P, surrounded by fans, and nobody was glued to him. That was cool.

Blackie and ChrisWhen Chris went inside, all the fans left. A guy from the van next to W.A.S.P's tourbus yelled:

- Aren't you bored??

It was one of the guys in the opening band (turned out he was the bassplayer). I went over to him and we started talking. He was really nice, and we talked about music the whole afternoon! The rest of the band came and went, and all talked a bit, and we even agreed that they would spend the night at my place cause they had a smaller budget than W.A.S.P and had to sleep in cheaper hotels. I thought about my messy home, but said that if they gave me a few minutes to clean it up..?

- Sure, we'll stay in the van till you're done, they said.

But then later on we realized that it wasn't a good idea because they were going to Stockholm via Helsingborg, which means that if they went to Malmoe, they'd be going in the wrong direction..!

(I'm dead tired, it's in the middle of the night when I'm writing this, right after the show, and I need some sleep...!)

Check back for photos and more details! I'm seeing W.A.S.P on Wednesday, June 2nd too - so stick around! :-D

More photos from the show in Copenhagen!