Alright, so it wasn't the REAL millenium-change, but I just liked seeing the numbers change from 1999 to 2000 for some reason! Anyway, I wanted to spend it in the most decadent city in the world - Las Vegas!

I spent the last 6 months doing as little as possible just to be able to afford having a fantastic time in Vegas. It wasn't difficult either, I mean, I asked myself every time I was bored in Malmoe: "Do I want to waste my evening with a bunch of drunks in Malmoe or do I want to spend my money in Vegas?". To hell with Malmoe - Viva Las Vegas!! :-)

Dave Mustaine at Hard Rock HotelThe first day I went to Hard Rock Hotel to buy a ticket for Megadeth. The shuttle-driver was a very verbal guy indeed and kept talking about how cool Billy Idol was. Billy had played the night before at the Joint (Hard Rock):

-I checked him in yesterday actually! Then my girlfriend and I partied with him till early this morning. I'm surprised you haven't seen him, cause he's still here! He's a really cool guy!

I just hate it when I KNOW that somebody who I'd love to meet is so close but still so far away! I couldn't decide what to do... I REALLY wanted to meet Billy (but what I most of all wished was to have seen him live the night before! :-( ), but I only had a few days in Vegas, and what if I wasted my time waiting for somebody who I probably would have to wait for all day, or, even worse, what if he didn't show up at ALL? I decided to try to forget that I even knew that he was there, but frankly, it's STILL bugging me! The guy hasn't been anywhere NEAR Europe for YEARS!! What, it must have been over ten years even..?

I waited for the box office to open, and took a walk around the hotel. It was like a temple! I mean, guitars, leather jackets, instruments, memorabilia, videos, stage clothes and more from some of the biggest stars in the rock-business! I was impressed by the Beatles-section - there was EVERYTHING! I wish I could just take it home with me! When I had finished my little sightseeing-tour, I took a seat in one of the really comfy couches right across the registration-desk. Dave Ellefson passed and he looked at me with a strange expression. It was like "I've seen her somewhere, haven't I..?", but I doubt he knew where he'd seen me, or if he was even sure that he had. I bought my ticket and went back to the Strip.

I spent all day walking back and forth, in and out of stores and casinos, and when I came back to the hotel, my feet nearly fell off! And I was beginning to feel the jetlag. My room mate, who I hadn't met before (I advertised for people to share the hotel-room with on the Internet. It would be a lot cheaper than if I had a room for 4 people all to myself!) showed up after a few minutes. She told me about her trip and that HER two friends, some guys, would be there "any minute". I couldn't stick around, cause I had to get back to the Hard Rock Hotel. The doors opened at 7 pm, and I wanted a good spot in the front row!

When I got there, there weren't that many people standing in line. I got a good spot, but there weren't that many people there at first. I was surprised, cause I thought Megadeth was a "bigger" band in the States than in Europe. Guess not.

The guy next to me wasn't much for conversation, so I decided to just concentrate on what was happening on the stage. Some guys called the Millionaires or something opened. I don't know if people in the States know who they are, but I never heard of them. They were pretty good. They finished off with the words "we'll get out of your face so you can see who you came here to see". And THEN it was time for Megadeth to enter the stage. By then, the place was almost full. Phew!

I saw Megadeth when they opened for Iron Maiden in Stockholm and Gothenburg a few months ago, but they are better as headliners, no doubt about it. And Dave Mustaine was glad that we chose Megadeth instead of "the fuckin' EAGLES!" who played in Vegas that same evening.

But MY entertainment that evening was something else. You know how sometimes, when you're in the front row, you THINK that the person on the stage is looking at you, when in fact he's looking at the person standing next to you or behind you? Or he smiles in your direction, and you think that he's smiling at you, when in fact he's cracking up because the guy behind you is mooning the audience or whatever? Well, I don't know if I really saw what I saw, but whatever it was, I couldn't stop laughing! Mr Mustaine kept looking in my direction and had this strange grimace on his face. After a while I thought to myself "what the hell is he doing? He CAN'T be flirting....No way. Or -CAN he..??". And just the very THOUGHT of Dave Mustaine trying to flirt, was enough to make me laugh! I always thought he was above all that. He's this intense, "dangerous-looking" dude who would never pull any David Coverdale-tricks - such as flirting with the female audience. Not Dave Mustaine! But... Every time I looked at Mustaine, he was smiling and looking in my direction. I must have misunderstood the whole thing, cause Dave Mustaine doesn't flirt. He just doesn't..! :-) I still laugh when I think about it though!

Some girl pulled up her t-shirt and showed the entire audience her tits. To her surprise, Dave was not impressed at all. His comment was:

- You know, if you water them, they might grow!

Ouch! :-) Or when somebody tossed a mug on Dave, he just calmly looked at the guy and said:

- There's an asshole in every crowd, and you just volunteered, you moron. ["The cheap bastard couldn't even throw a full drink up on stage. Dickhead!"]

I was happy cause they played most of the songs I wanted to hear - including "Peace sells...". And that was the end of the last Megadeth show of the old millenium! :-D

After the show I WANTED to try to get in backstage, cause it would be great with a party, to just talk to the band and -who knows, maybe they're friends with Billy Idol..!? Nah, just kidding. But I didn't even try. I wanted to, but my body didn't. The jetlag was too much for me, and I had almost fallen asleep standing during the opening act... I was supposed to meet my roommate and her two friends after the show, but they weren't there. Just as well, I took a cab straight back to the hotel and pretty much passed out. My first day in Vegas was over.


The next day I just walked back and forth down the Strip being a regular tourist. Vegas is just such a huge playground for adults! I mean, whatever your dream is, it will most certainly be fulfilled in Las Vegas! The hotels with their themes are almost ridiculous, you just gotta laugh! :-) Everything is huge and exaggerated, over the top, everybody's fighting to be the best - the biggest, the craziest whatever. And if you have money to spend, you'll probably spend it before you know it! I didn't touch any of the slots (how anti-Vegas!) cause I like to know where my money is. To gamble it all away is not my style. Actually, it IS, which is why I don't even go near a slot machine! If I did, I'd be stuck there for the rest of my stay in Vegas! And there was no time for that.

I tried to get in touch with Dick and Doc (both ex-members of Nasty Idols and Bad Habit, respectively) with whom I was supposed to celebrate New Year's Eve. They were staying at the Excalibur, but of course, none of them was in when I called, and when Dick called back, I was out. I left a message on their room "machine" that I'd be at Planet Hollywood at 8 p.m, just in case they felt like showing up.

I walked across the street to MGM Grand, just thought I'd see if there was a small chance to get a ticket for Barbra Streisand's concert. You know, being a true headbanger, one HAD to have seen Barbra at least once..! :-D hah! No, but seriously, I always admired good vocalists, regardless what kind of music they sing, and she has got to be the ultimate singer. I really wanted to see her perform. To my surprise, there was a ticket for me, and a really good seat too! Sure, it cost me 500 bucks, but the lady only shows her face in public every ten years if you're lucky, so I thought it was worth the money! Just to hear pipes like THAT live would be worth every cent!

I took the bus back to my hotel. I asked my room mates if they wanted to join me for dinner at Planet Hollywood, and they thought it'd be a good idea, cause they hadn't eaten anything yet. So we went there, but the musician-pair never showed up (turned out later that they had been on some Grand Canyon tour that day). It's funny, but my room mates and I hardly even saw eachother! The dinner at Planet Hollywood was the only thing we did together. But that had been my idea from the beginning, cause it's always difficult to make efficient plans that everybody's happy with. You usually spend an hour trying to decide what to do, where to go and if everybody agree. If I go alone, at least I'm sure to do whatever I want, whenever I want. Call me selfcentered... :-)

New Year's Eve

Finally - the Day that I'd been waiting for all year, came. But our idiot neighbors in the room above us ruined most of the day for me. They came back to their room at 5 in the morning, screaming, howling, yelling - just like you can imagine a bunch of drunken guys who've had "a few beers"... I woke up, and couldn't get back to sleep. And with the jetlag above that, it was all set for a major headache. And I almost never get headaches! Damn! Well, better make the best of it. The make-up would take me a while, cause I had to glue a bunch of small diamonds (fake of course...) around my eyes and the rest of the "creation" had to be perfect. My room mates managed to take a walk AND have breakfast before I was done. But I was satisfied. At least I looked like I felt good... Dick called and said that we could meet in front of the Mirage at 7 pm. We were starting off our New Year by going to a Siegfried and Roy-show.


More to come... Photos from the Megadeth show and the New Year's celebration will be here too! The reason I'm not updating my page regularly is because my computer is a pain in the ass, and I just bought a new one which will be delivered next week. Please be patient..! :-D I will be back with a new look and more contents than before! Most of all, I'll find all those unfinished stories and finish them! If you've seen which ones that are unfinished, you can help me by teling me where to begin...!


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