When I came to the hotel that day, there was a whole bunch of male groupies, uh, sorry - FANS, outside. They were hoping to catch a glimpse of the vixens and had their Vixen-albums and singles ready just in case they would show up.

I took the elevator up to Roxy's and Share's room. They greeted me like an old friend. They were just so great! We were all sitting on this King size bed, talking about everything between heaven and earth, just as if we had always been pals. They were so down to earth and easy to talk to, and I remembered that from a few years before this particular meeting, when I had a phone interview with Roxy.

Vixen was opening for the Scorpions in Copenhagen, but since I had an interview with Europe and Dare in Malmoe that same day, I couldn't make it over to Copenhagen, so I had to do the interview by phone.

I was new in the "reporter-business", and was really nervous when I called. A manager (or something... they all sound the same, those "industry-people"!) answered the phone and said: "Well, she's not here yet, they haven't come back from the venue, can you call back in a few minutes?" . But just as she was about to hang up, Roxy walked through the door (I could HEAR her!) and the lady went: "Oh, - here she is, hang on a minute!" I waited a few seconds and then Roxy grabbed the phone. She was in a great mood, was all excited about everything, and she talked and talked - I didn't even have to say anything! She was an absolute dream for a rookie-reporter! Lots of information and I didn't even have to say anything, she kept on talking like a machine! :-)

The interviews I've done with Vixen are actually some of the most interesting ones I've done, so I'll write them down for you someday...

Anyway, this meeting with Roxy and Share in Copenhagen a few years later was a lot of fun, especially since I've never done an interview sitting on a bed before! :-) Jan and Janet were in the room next door, talking to another journalist, and they came in to us when they were done, to hear what Roxy and Share were up to. I remember noticing that Jan was pretty tall (or maybe she just had high heels on, I don't remember!) and that Janet looked like a Barbie-doll, even in real life!

Later that evening, I went to see them when they opened for Deep Purple, and- no offense to Deep Purple- but the girls had so much more energy and charisma on stage than the old Purple-fellows! It's such a shame that they disappeared - Vixen. I saw their new album "Tangerine" recently and had a listen. I knew it would be far from the old Vixen, and I tried to have an open mind while listening to it, but I didn't like it at all. Boring. I prefer the Barbie-doll Vixen with the AOR-style and "girl power" image. But that interview was fun..! Both of them liked Sebastian Bach, though! More about that some other time!


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