Here we are - on the "Road to Nowhere"...! No cars, no houses, no civilization..! In the background you see Monument Valley, the Navajo-territory. This road was the one that Forrest Gump ran on in the movie. See the movie, and you'll know what I mean! It was great, miles and miles of desert, mountains and sun! But once we got there, we saw a tourist or two, unfortunately... But on the other hand, that's what WE were... :-)




Another picture from a VERY challenging hike... After that, I really wished that I HAD gone to that aerobics-class...! :-) Miles of climbing, jumping over rocks and parts that didn't look particularly safe. I have the whole thing documented on video, and that was another reason why I was so tired - imagine walking around with video-camera, big Minolta-camera, films, water and stuff! I can't believe I managed to look so happy when this picture was taken, cause I was so exhausted that I could barely WALK!



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