This was the trip of our lives... 12 people from all over the world - USA, Australia, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and England, drove around Nevada, Arizona and Utah in a van, exploring the most amazing things. We were mountainbiking, hiking, climbing mountains, staying at real cowboy-ranches, tried horsebackriding in the Nevada desert, met Navajo-indians, saw the Grand Canyon from a helicopter and experienced it up close... Some of us (3 of us) skydived and then we finished the whole adventure by spending a great night in Las Vegas when we came back to civilization (or whatever you wanna call Vegas!).

One of the participants of this trip sent us this booklet from Japan, where we're all on the cover! That's me in the front row, second from the right. I'll never, ever forget that trip, it was total freedom, being "one" with nature, doing things that you never get to do when you live a "civilized" life.


[PICTURE: I won't forget this particular experience that easily..!]

We decided to hike around Bryce Canyon. It was in March (1997), and I guess the weather was O.K, but there was snow everywhere, and I struggled through snow, ice, ice-cold water and MUD for hours. I was wearing sneakers, which I wouldn't recommend - they were full of cold water and red mud!

It was steep, and there was no way any of us could turn back. Sure, the view was amazing, but if you slipped... One thing is for sure - my sneakers will never look the same again! EVER! :-)


Well, here we are, the Danish guy Peter and I, before the helicopter-ride over the Grand Canyon. THAT was so amazing - it was like flying yourself..! The helicopter felt so light somehow, like it could move so quickly and easily from high to low, from left to right. We got to see this world wonder, this HUGE world wonder from a bird's perspective, and it was something else..! The next day, some of us went down in the Canyon, to explore it by foot. It would take all day, and was very exhausting. I passed that day, I went on one of the "tourist-presentations" instead, where I got to learn about the history of the Canyon, from a geological point of view. That was really interesting!