Or should I say "Hello all MUSIC-lovers"? I just assume that since you're here, you must be interested in music, one way or another. Right?

In that case, I gotta recommend something (I REALLY feel the urge to do this..!!)

I don't know about you, but personally I don't find new CD's nowadays that really give me that big KICK that I used to get back in the 80's when I bought my first Judas Priest-albums, or if I go even further back and remember when I first heard the Beatles... THAT kind of "YESSSS!"-feeling doesn't occur as often now as it did back then. Until about a month ago.

But I'll tell you the background first. Back in 1988, I bought an EP with a Swedish band called BAD HABIT. The only reason why I bought it was because I liked another band, called NASTY IDOLS, and Nasty Idols were friends with Bad Habit. Anyway, the EP was called "Young and Innocent" and although I didn't quite like the music (a bit too soft for my teenage heavy metal-taste!) I was incredibly impressed by their vocalist! I mean, this guy was very, VERY TALENTED!

The very same year, I auditioned for my first band, and I chose one of Bad Habit's songs to audition with, a ballad called "Never find another you". I got the "job" and it all went from there...

I've been following Bad Habit since that first EP, and was very impressed by their musicianship, but most of all, I just LOVED the voice... You probably won't believe me, but they did a cover of Boston's "More than a feeling", and the guy sings it so much BETTER than the original. You get goose pimple bones all over and you just can't believe what an incredible voice he has!

You may remember that I mentioned my rock-club Hard Break. Well, last month (October) Bad Habit visited the club and presented the new material for the local audience by having a release-party. The gig was a huge success- to say the least!

It's extremely difficult to get drunk party-animals to LISTEN to songs they've never heard before, and make them STAY there instead of running towards the bar. Well, Bad Habit managed to make people stay, simply because they are impressive! No matter HOW drunk you are, you just can't avoid hearing that.

I listened to their new CD "Adult Orientation" over and over again ever since that evening, and I'm still not sick of it - on the contrary! It grows and becomes better and better every day! I drove 16 hours back and forth to Stockholm to see them play, and it was worth every minute of boring road that I had to watch...

Maybe I should mention that we listened to Bad Habit all the way up to Stockholm, and all the way home... That should tell you something. If you don't get sick and tired of an album after so many hours of constant listening - you've got something there, for sure!!

The songs are great, everything is extremely well arranged, nicely produced, the musicianship is exellent and the vocals by Bax Fehling are the BEST I've heard since Tony Martin and Dio! The guy has so much talent that I can't believe he isn't a major rockstar yet!

Actually, I get such a major KICK out of this band that I want to seriously recommend ALL of you to get the CD. I let people at work have a listen, and many of them already bought their own copy! I'm telling you, it's gotta be the Album of the YEAR!!

I won't tell you what kind of rock it is, because as soon as you start categorizing, people think that they know exactly how it sounds (and if they've made up their minds that they don't like a certain type of music, they're not even gonna give it a chance, even if it really deserves it!), and in this case, they just don't know what it sounds like... It's worth a big chance, cause I can't imagine anybody being disappointed. Especially not if you love great singers! The vocals... I mean... I can't even express it - you simply gotta HEAR it!

Got you at least a little bit curious..? Well, go to and type in "Bad Habit" in the search-box. It will find 3 CD's for you:

Bad Habit After Hours1. After Hours (their first official release for Virgin. This is where you'll find the Boston-cover "More than a feeling" in a very improved version. Also, the guy, Bax, sings like a GOD on this CD!)

2. Revolution (their second album, also with superb melodies and arrangements)

3. Adult Orientation (their latest one - the one I've been listening to CONSTANTLY for weeks, at home, in the car...everywhere! It's a masterpiece, and if you really love music, this is the CD you simpy GOTTA have!!)

I just felt I had to share this rare enthusiasm with you fellow music-lovers. And I feel a whole lot better already! :-)

Rock on!


PS... Just to prove that it's not just ME who thinks Bad Habit made the Album of the Year - check out THIS... My "partner in crime" Ozzie wrote this review, and although we disagree on a few things, we agree on ONE thing: That Bad Habit deserve to make it big time!

Also, if you understand Swedish, visit my club's homepage and read more about Bad Habit (new pix etc...)!

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