Three days, hotels, tourbuses, passes, backstage, concerts, great music, fantastic shows, great people... A big thanks to Ozzie - I couldn't have had a better birthday! (I owe you one!)The page is under construction, lots of material, and I'm not even sure I'll have time to finish it before I go on vacation, but we'll see...! Enjoy these photos of the men who were among those who made this weekend such a memorable experience!





Joey DeMaio"SEND HER UP TO MY ROOM!" (Manowar's Joey DeMaio trying to convince my friend "Miss X" (yeah, well...) to convince ME to let him give me a "birthday-present" in his room...) Confusing? More about what happened right here!!







(Deep Purple's Roger Glover's comment when I asked him to sign the only free spot on my leather jacket..! We quickly found another spot on the jacket that he signed...! :-)




Ian PaiceIan Paice (Deep Purple) just came in from the airport but was in a great mood..! They were all great gentlemen the "Purple's", very professional, very nice to their fans.REAL stars in other words..! :-)







Claus MeineCLAUS MEINE (Scorpions) was in the lobby many times the two days they stayed in Karlshamn, I even managed to have my film developed so that he could sign it just before they checked out the second day! This autograph actually cost me David Lee Roth's signature (which was what I was really there for..!!) cause while I was talking to Claus, telling him how great the Scorpions show had been, David went out right behind my back! But I got it after many, many hours of patience and waiting... That's a story too long to tell, but you'll get a short version soon.

Mathias JabsMatthias Jabs (Scorpions) was a really cool guy, he walked around with a constant smile on his face, looking very happy with his life and with everything! I mentioned that I was going to see Scorpions in Washington D.C this summer and he immediately started talking about vacations, concerts and tours..! It's difficult not to like a guy like Matthias! His attitude comes across on stage too, he just LOVES what he's doing! After all these years..!

David Lee Roth"DID YOU WANT A PICTURE?" (David Lee Roth when he came out of the elevator just before he and his band left Sweden. I had waited two days and two nights, hoping that he would show up, but missed him every time! I was beginning to think it was IMPOSSIBLE, that he was more difficult to get an autograph and a picture from than Prince or somebody like that! When he came out of the elevator that afternoon I didn't even dare to ask, cause I didn't know how he would react. Turned out that he was totally okay about it, and you can't even imagine how extremely HAPPY and relieved I was! I FINALLY got to meet him, and I still can't believe it! As usual when it's somebody who I've admired for a long time, my mind went totally blank and I couldn't think of anything David Lee Roth liveto say to him... Hell, the man is a KING!! On stage he KICKS ASS!! He was WAY better than ANYTHING on the festival! I watched the show and thought I was dreaming - it was better than Van Halen, it was REAL entertainment, you got what you came there for, and a LOT more! I mean, I saw some great bands this weekend, but they were like... like opening acts for David Lee Roth! Nothing beats this, nothing CAN beat this, trust me!! If you get a chance to see this man live, don't let wild horses stop you, it's worth whatever you pay for the ticket!! He's fitter than most guys in their 20's (buns of steel!!) does his acrobatic stuff, tells jokes, loves the stage and simply RULES!! David Lee Roth is still the Master!!



David's ass![Picture: Buns of steel! The man has the body and the stamina of a 20 year old!!]








Dare (Darren Wharton)





"Great webpage! I've been to your Attic!" (Darren Wharton - Dare/Thin Lizzy)

Ozzie and I were late for Dare's concert, but went straight to the front row when we came in. I stood down in the right corner when suddenly Darren pointed in my direction and said "GREAT WEBPAGE!". First I thought he was talking to somebody else (who had a Dare website probably), but then I saw that there was nobody behind me... Then I heard the rest "I've been to your Attic!" and thought I was going to drop down dead! Talk about PR!! There's Darren Wharton talking about MY webpage ON STAGE in front of a crowd of people! Unbelievable! Ozzie and I went backstage later and he was like "Daniela! Hello, how are you?! Come in, have a beer!". I just didn't get it... What was all this..? We've met before, and he never seemed to know who I was, and now he was telling me that he knew me, than he remembers our first interview!. "You remember THAT?! That was 10 years ago!" I said, but he was just smiling, introducing me to his band and people backstage. OK... Whatever. I'm still confused! I had to ask him again when he joined Ozzie and me at our table at the hotel the next day. He found the page by following a link somewhere and liked my page. Holy shit... OK, Darren, you just reserved a place for yourself in my Attic..! :-D


More to come (whenever I have time..!)