Where do I begin..? I must say that I think my life has given me most of the things I ever dreamed of. When I was still in school I wanted to be a famous singer, then I wanted to be a journalist... I wanted to travel and meet people, have lots of friends and have a rich and interesting life. Well, somebody up there must have liked me, cause I got all that!


I graduated in 1988, and was curious to face the real world, outside the school-walls. I took a job printing Donald Duck-comics (!) which kept me busy through the summer. But as soon as I came home from work, I wrote letters to a bunch of newspapers begging them to let me to go with them when they did an interview with somebody famous! I wanted to be a journalist, and thought that the best way to start was to see a real one in action. I kept sending letters a few times a week cause I figured they'd get sick of me sooner or later and let me come along!


One day they called me from "Kvallsposten", the third biggest Swedish newspaper back then. They just said: "Could you come up tomorrow for a chat?" I was dancing around the apartment, thinking: "WHHOOOPPIIIEE! I'm gonna meet Yngwie Malmsteen or Joan Jett!!" (they were playing in Sweden, that week). But that wasn't at all what they wanted. They wanted me to write for them!

"We don't have anybody here who knows much about heavy metal music. We understood from your letters that you know a lot, and we see that you can express yourself well in writing. So, how would you like to work for us?"

I could have fainted!

That was the beginning of 8 very hectic, fun and memorable years! I met pretty much all of my idols, all the people I had admired since I was 13 years old.

The most interesting ones must have been Judas Priest and Alice Cooper. Judas Priest was the band that started it all for me. I can't even begin to explain how much they are to "blame" for me being who I am today - I'd even say that it's thanks to them that I´ve had the kind of life that I had. Their music touched me very deeply, and up to this very day, I think they're undefeated. I have other artists and bands that I really admire, but Judas Priest is the band up there on the top!

You can imagine what it was like when I met Rob Halford for the first time in my life... I was 19 years old, I was in Stockholm to do an interview for Kvällsposten and radio MCB (which I was a radio-DJ for, playing 5 hours of heavy metal every Wednesday and Friday night!) and... There he was! Rob Halford - the guy who sang "Green Manalishi" and "Grinder"... I had a hard time making up my mind about who I wanted to be - Daniela the Fan or Daniela the Professional Journalist. How it went..? Stay tuned to find out!

Also - find out about how I met Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) backstage at Donington as he was spilling hot coffee all over me, how Alice Cooper and his band wanted to come over to my place to party (!) and the long and intense friendship with the guys in Skid Row! I'lll have to use a separate site for the Skid Row stories...!

Find out about the guys in Megadeth - what's going on backstage, learn more about Ozzy Osbourne (MAN, is he confused!!) and his views on things.

I almost forgot most of the people I met or talked to, but thanks to a bunch of photos, backstage-passes, concert-tickets and autographs, I remember at least some of them!

(stories and memories coming up... It takes a while to remember and actually type everything..! Be patient..!)