David and DanielaDavid "What a MAN!!" Coverdale and his ever so humble fan and "I'm not worthy!!" admirer Daniela... At the hotel in Southampton about an hour after the show.


Band with fan!







Left to right: Derek "Keyboard guru" Hilland, anonymous Whitesnake-fan (WHO could she BE?!), Tony "Bass-wizard" Franklin and Adrian "Don't steal my booze!" Vandenberg at the hotel, Southampton. (He wasn't drinking vodka though, that's plain Evian water! Just a note...!)


David signing albumDavid signing a fan's album. The guy was nice enough to drive us down to the Mayflower. This photo was taken outside the hotel in Southampton when the Snakes were on their way up on the bus to go to the venue. In the background you see Derek, the keyboardist, and I think we're talking about the guestlist. More about that HERE



Adrian and BeatriceMy friend with Adrian Vandenberg - hotel, Southampton, after the show. He keeps track of the royal families in Europe! When he was in Sweden, he bought a postcard with the Swedish princess Victoria on it, because "my mom likes royalties". This time he commented on her name. "That's the name of our queen!" he said. Yep, but her name spells Beatrix!

The tourbus with a fabulous view over a pile of garbage! So, Hilton was too posh, huh..? Just kidding!

David live ManchesterLive at the Manchester Apollo, 29th November 1997. A magic evening.


David live Manchester b/w"Sing for me, Manchester, sing!" David testing the Whitesnake choir! And the choir sang for all they were worth - I saw the roof rise there for a second..! :-)


Action from the Man!David showing that he's still unique in the way he handles the microphone stand! It's a tool that's as much a part of him as... Well, as the tool he pretends the mike to be sometimes... Ahem. No, but seriously, it's fascinating to watch him up there, swinging the microphone stand back and forth, banging it in the floor, leaning on it, using it as a genital-prolonger, as a crowd-communication tool, as anything he wants it to be. Nobody I've seen uses a simple mikestand like that! He's a true entertainer and old fashioned "larger than life" Rockstar!

David with bra!Believe it or not, but women are still throwing their bra's up on stage! David will probably always keep his firm grip of the female audience. This particular bra was tossed up on stage in Manchester. Another piece of underwear was also thrown at David, who looked at it, laughed and said: "Adrian, you David with bra 2dropped your... thing." Then he walked over to Denny Carmassi, hung the "thing" on his drums and went: "There's a little Christmas-ornament for ya!" Well, David should know everything about women's underwear by now.. At least enough to know what it IS..! :-)