Youth gone wild!

Skid Row


Well, I finally decided to try to tell you the long and somewhat complicated story of my friendship/fanship (it was a little bit of both!) with the boyz in Skid Row.

Of course, the band is gone, and who knows if they'll ever be back, but they left a load of memories in my head!

It all started back in 1989. March 1989 to be precise. I had just heard a song called "Sweet little sister" on the radio, and loved what I heard. This was back in those days when most bands sounded like, or were trying to sound like Bon Jovi. Skid Row kicked in the doors with their back to basics rock'n'roll and a whole lotta enthusiasm! They were just what many rock fans needed at the time.

It took me weeks to find the album in my hometown, the closest thing I got was a bunch of Gary Moore-albums (HE used to be in a band called Skid Row!). When I finally DID find it, I decided that THIS was gonna be a big band... If I had only known how much I was to become involved in things that they did the coming eight years...!

Sebastian and I backstage Globen, Stockholm[PICTURE: Sebastian Bach and I backstage after the show in "Globen", Stockholm, Sweden, 1990. They were opening for Guns'n'Roses that year. We had met earlier that afternoon at a press-conference, and this was the first time I met the guys backstage. But CERTAINLY not the last!]

(Phew, I just realized that I don't even know where to begin! Let me just go through all my photo-albums and piles of tickets and backstage-passes, till I remember things in the right ORDER..! Check back later!)





Skids backstage Gothenburg -91[PICTURE: Backstage Gothenburg, Sweden 1991. Skid Row headlining, L.A Guns opening. Left to right: Some dude from King Diamond's band, Dave "The Snake" Sabo, Sebastian Bach and myself. Baz was, uhm, not so sober that evening..! But I remember that he told me about an interview he had done earlier that day. "You kow, the journalist asked me if I could tell him what I knew about Sweden, and I mentioned YOU!" he screamed (Sebastian ALWAYS screams when he talks...). I asked him how he managed to mention me in an interview, and he went: "I told him that I knew one thing about Sweden: That I have my biggest fan here! Hahaha!" I bought the evening paper the next day, but of course, that little detail wasn't mentioned...!]






[PICTURE: The second evening at "Globen". They played two sold out shows with Guns n' Roses, and the funny thing was that I never got to see Guns n' Roses! Well, barely. I went backstage the minute Skid Row went off stage, so I missed Guns 'n'Roses. Not that I missed them that MUCH..!!]

Me and Baz backstage Globen 1990[ PICTURE: Sebastian grabbed the camera and decided to take a photo of us..! He held it as far out as he possibly could, but... Didn't turn out too sharp as you can see! I was laughing my guts out because of something he had said earlier... In the background: A bunch of groupies, the typical "80´s" kind!]




Baz and I - first meetingHospitality

[B/W photo: My very first meeting with Sebastian at a press conference in Stockholm. I had a large Skid Row-collection which I showed him photos of. The whole band was impressed, they hadn't even seen half of the releases! Snake made sure I got passes and tickets for the show and it all went from there... The sign is one of many "Dressing room" and "Catering"-signs I stole backstage after every show!]



Article[ Picture:One of a few articles that was written about "Skid Row's biggest fan" It became world-wide known that I and a few other fans were the "biggest" admirers... (long story, keep visiting the page and you'll know what the deal is!]


Snake and [Picture: Snake and me backstage Gothenburg, Sweden 1991. After the backstage meeting we went to the hotel (we= Skid Row-boyz and me+friends) to get changed and then we all went to a place called the White Corner. It was a total mess, e-ve-ry-bo-dy wanted to talk to the band, so there was a long line of people trying to get to the guys. I left after a few minutes, it was a madhouse! This particular evening was a memorable one - I could write several pages about that ]


Ticket[ Picture:One of many tickets that I either got from the band, the record company, management or even bought myself... I have a collection of tickets that I never used because I came in through the backdoor..!]





Tickets and passesPasses ticketsPasses

[PICTURE: Speaking of tickets and passes - I could have made a fortune if I had only sold them! But I always wanted to stand in the front row. In other words: I didn't have time to stand outside the venue and make deals..! It's nice to have all those souvenirs now though! I don't even know exactly HOW many Skid Row-shows I've seen. PLENTY, that's for sure...! Well, I COULD because I was still living with my parents. I had a well-paid job and no expenses, except the music-expenses (magazines, records, concerts, travels, t-shirts...! The usual stuff) and I spent money like crazy. I couldn't do that now - bills to pay and less bucks! If only Whitesnake had been touring back then too! Whoo-ho-hoo..!



Baz and I Stockholm, 1995Ah, THIS is an evening I remember very well... Not to mention the whole day BEFORE that.!! This is from 1995, when the Skids did sort of a promo-tour for "Subhuman Race". The first gig on their comeback-tour was in Stockholm, and Sebastian had called me on my answering-machine a few days before to tell me they were coming, and which hotel they were gonna be at.

Anyway, when they played that first gig in (?) years, he dedicated the last encore ("Youth gone wild") to me, and he kept telling the crowd who I was, made them applause for me and I couldn't believe it was happening! Every single Skid Row-fan in Stockholm knew who I was after that...!

Maria and meFrom my most recent meeting with mr and mrs Bach. This was at the Omni Hotel in Albany, NY, in the fall last year (1996). We had just seen KISS at the Knickerbocker Arena (now Pepsi Arena) and I knew Baz was gonna be there, cause he had sent me an e-mail days before telling me he was going. I went backstage after the concert, and there they were- Sebastian and Maria! This was the very first time I met Maria, and she was in a bad mood to begin with, but then, when we arrived at the hotel, she apologized for being a bit "distant" (not in those words, but something like that) and dared me to have a tequila-contest with her. She bought tequilas, and went "If I can do it, YOU can do it! Come on!" so we drank tequilas and gossiped about Sebastian the rest of the evening! Baz was busy talking to other fans, so he wasn't involved in the conversation... Among other things she told me how she came home one evening, and found Baz and Paris (their oldest son) watching Kiss-videos. "That's what you get when you let him watch the kids!" she laughed. I must say that I liked Maria, she is a very tough lady!