Latest news from the Quiet Riot camp!


All you fellow European Quiet Riot-fans, listen up! The guys are on their way over to Europe to visit us!

This is from an e-mail I received from mr Rudy Sarzo last Saturday (April 11):

Hello Daniela,

I've been touring and recording with Quiet Riot for the past year and we are planning on touring in Europe this summer. Hope to see you then.

Bang your head,

Rudy Sarzo


(And the second mail glued a permanent smile to my face! :-))

" Hello Daniela,

I'm quite impressed by your web page.

Bang your head,

Rudy Sarzo"


So, looks like we're all gonna "Feel the Noize" this summer!


Take a look at these dudes..! :-D

(The year was 1983, just in case you don't remember...)