Miss X's Art...
(the photos are taken by a very dear friend of mine who unfortunately wishes to remain anonymous)


Black and white celtic cross-photo. "The simple pictures are usually the best", says Bea.















A cool effect to make the picture look more mysterious and kinda "old"! Looks a bit Andy Warhol to me!

Speaking of being a Black Sabbath-fan...! Tony Martin collection

Headless Cross!This one is one of my favorites. The symbol in the front, "the fan" (me) in the background. See the shadow of the cross over the eye? Gives it an Alice Cooper-look! Very classy picture. See what I mean? Miss X thinks in pictures and always comes up with original ideas.

Just an old-fashioned brownish-white photo with the "Headless Cross" clearly visible.

And the last one, which is also on the"cross in the tree"-theme. These are just samples of what miss X can do.

Believe me folks, the lady was destined to be a photographer... When we were walking around in the park one day she saw possibilities for photos and backgrounds in everything!!

Besides, I don't usually like having my picture taken, but she has the ability to make her "models" feel relaxed.