(I've got a photo from this meeting too somewhere... If it's not here before the end of January - then I obviously couldn't find it!)


OZZY BACKSTAGE PASS 1988Ozzy... That was one of my very first interviews, and I remember I was scared to death.

The interview was scheduled for AFTER the show, and this was at Olympen, Lund in Sweden. I believe the year was 1990. I was shown into his dressing-room, and the girl from the record-company disappeared to find Ozzy. While I was sitting there, preparing my taperecorder, Zakk Wylde came in, fresh from the shower, wearing a white bath-robe, his hair all dripping wet and a big sub in his mouth. He saw my tape-recorder and mumbled through the sub:

- Ah u waikin' fo Oschy..? He'll be ouk in a schekongg...

Then he jumped up on a table, continued to chew his sub and went:

- The crowd schukked konight!

The truth was that Zakk had gotten a little carried away with a guitar-solo, and he hadn't noticed that people got bored after the 10 minute- wah-wah-pedal orgy... I didn't say anything, I was too nervous anyway, cause after all, I was just a rookie! What did I know about meeting living legends?! And then Ozzy walked in... He was talking to or yelling at somebody (sometimes, with Ozzy it's hard to tell the difference!).


I introduced myself and Ozzy pulled out a chair and sat down right in front of me. [I'll write down everything that was said during that interview some other time, cause I always kept all my interview-tapes]


But what I DO remember very clearly was that in the middle of the interview, he just jumped out of his chair for no apparent reason. He stood there and looked around the room with a strange expression - as if he was really scared of something. I sat there and wondered: "Okay... WHAT is he DOING?!". He just stood there, shocked, for a few more seconds, before he sat down again and continued the interview as if nothing had happened. I wasn't even listening to the first sentences after that little incident, cause I was still wondering what THAT had been all about...

OZZY PHOTO-PASSBut I listened to the tape later and he was talking about how it wouldn't make much sense if he went back to Sabbath. It was like telling the president to go back to be a congressman. "I'm my own boss now and I'm happy. I can't see any reason to why I should join a band again". Well, we all know that things have changed a little since then..!

A few minutes before my time was up, the record-company girl opened the door (probably just to remind me that I only had a few more minutes) and Ozzy shouted at the top of his lungs: - GET THE FUCK OUT AND SHUT THE FUCKING DOOR!!!!!

A second later he just finished his sentence in his usual conversational voice... He was a very interesting man indeed. I'm not sure what other expression I could use, but he's just - Ozzy!