Name: Daniela P (surname withheld for "personal safety" reasons!)

Born: June 13, 1969

Starsign: Gemini

Favorite color: Black, red, yellow, purple (in that order!)

Favorite food: Chocolate, pizza (real Italian, thin-crust pizza!) pasta, steaks, hamburgers... Anything as long as there's a lot of CHEESE and/or pepper on it! That's pepper as in salt/pepper...

Absolutely can't eat: Fish or anything that lives in water! Lobster, shrimp, all that stuff. Can't eat kidneys and things like that either, and vegetables that make me sick would be... avocado and zucchini! Yuk..! :-(

Best subject in school: ...was Swedish, English, Psychology, crafts (wood and metal, I was terrible at working with needle and thread!) art and music.

Worst subject in school: Math, everything "gym"-related (always skipped those classes...!), chemistry and philosophy (never understood what the #¤% the teacher was talking about!)

Favorite song right now: The whole "Heartbeat City"-album by the Cars!! It's great! "Stranger Eyes" is a really cool song. "Hello again" and "It's not the night"are some pretty good tunes too!... Very good record.

Favorite bands (metal): Judas Priest, Whitesnake, Lita Ford, Accept, Dio and so, so many others who'll have to remain unmentioned..!

Favorite bands (pop/rock): Beatles, Abba, Cars, Janis Joplin, The Hooters, Duran Duran, Rod Stewart, Elton John (mid-80´s, early 90´s stuff mainly) , Bryan Adams, Tone Norum and a wimpy Swedish singer called Carola... And many many more!

Hobbies: Music, anything that has to do with music - sing (alone or with my band), listen to music, watch music videos, read music magazines and books, watch music movies, talk about music, just... Music! And then there's the friggin´ computer too..! :-)

I like history too - walk around in a museum, or admire old houses, historical buildings... Read books about historical events or everyday life from whenever - Ancient Egypt is my favorite period, but English history is fascinating too, as is the Roman period. Or the Vikings. I love that stuff!

Motto: "Try to live each day as if it was your last"

Likes: The summer, sun, animals, flowers, music, the sea, travelling, good friends, positive and curious people, adventurous, honest, loyal and kind people, good food, concerts, challenges, fresh air.

And for some reason I love hotels ! I like staying in hotels, it's always interesting to open the door to a room where I've never been before, and check out the little soaps and stuff..! See if anyone forgot anything in the drawers and check out the hotel stationery, the TV-channels and the view! :-)

Dislikes: Dishonesty, superficial people, disloyalty, cruelty. Most of all, I hate people who are treating animals badly. If you can't find it in your heart to treat an animal with respect, you're not human enough to treat people with true respect either.

But apart from the obvious "dislikes" I hate spiders, boredom and cigarettes! I just can't stand cigarette-smoke, makes it a real drag to go out to clubs and stuff. Can't stand certain kinds of rap/hip-hop either. Biggest dislike of all is in one word: VIOLENCE. Gangs beating up defenseless people, robbing old ladies, maltreating kids, women... Who wants to live in a world where you can't even go out and enjoy life without being scared of losing it? Wanna let your agressions out? Go to a heavy metal concert!! Best outlet there is!

Future plans: To see the world, have a good life, learn, meet many people, make every day worth living - for me and for others. Wanna work with TV, or with tourism or just become a famous singer..! Wanna do so many things!

Favorite flower: Rose - any color, but the unusual ones are great (like the white/red ones, or blue/purple ones!)

Favorite animal: Cat! But I have 5 birds, always had birds in the house, I grew up with them! I like black labs too. But my favorite, favorite animals in the world, are NOT exactly pets, they are SQUIRRELS!! I just adore squirrels!

DUCKS are special too, they seem so... human and intelligent! They live in peace and harmony, I'd like to be a duck! :-)

Favorite movie: The Crow ------- Back to the future, Star Wars

Favorite actor: BRANDON LEE (have all his films on video in different versions, collecting Crow memorabilia... He was too good to be taken away from us so soon. R.I.P Brandon...) Gene Kelly, James Dean, Tom Hanks, Dustin Hoffman and Brad Pitt (Brad is not on this list for his acting ability though..!)

Favorite actress: Marilyn Monroe, Bette Midler, Lauren Bacall


More useless information here....! :-)