David at the Midtfyn press conference when my photographer forgot how to take pictures and I forgot to turn on my taperecorder..! :-) The first few seconds that is...!


And a bunch of other private photos... (all of them were taken by my friend Lena Jörgensen, who was my photographer that weekend, while I was trying to concentrate on my taperecorder..!)

David Midtfyn 1

David Midtfyn 2

David Midtfyn 3

David Midtfyn 4

More David...

More David...2

More David...3

More David...4

Mr Coverdale...

Mr Coverdale...2

David's first rehearsal studio - before he joined Deep Purple! (I showed him this photo, and he smiled up to his ears, asked if I knew Alan, and explained how it was back in the good old days. "We rehearsed right in there, in the back of the shop!" he said, all excited!) Photo: Ozzie Adenborg