Iron Maiden autographsI had to leave the concert for a few minutes, cause I was so hungry and thirsty that I couldn't stand it anymore - not to mention how dead TIRED I was, and it wasn't going to get any better...

While I was up there, getting a hot dog, somebody shouted my name:

- Daniela!! How are you?

It was one of the regulars at my rock-club Hard Break. I told him that the next band playing at Hard Break was actually an Iron Maiden cover-band called The Eddies, and he knew who they were. When he left I ate the hot dog as quickly as I could not to miss too much of the show, and headed back to the concert. On my way to the entrance, people commented on my pass - some things just never change... A girl with a pass can only mean one thing, right? :-(

The show was amazing, really. It was heavy metal true Maiden style, performed with all the energy and enthusiasm a crazy metalhead-audience could dream of! I just wished I had more strength to jump around like the others, but I was so tired, I thought I wouldn't make it through the show, but I had to.

When the show ended, I waited a little before I started walking towards the backstage area. I didn't want to look like one of those who walks around like in "Wayne's World", you know..."look! I have a pass!". When I first began with this backstage-going thing, I always put my pass somewhere visible. Now I hide it if I can. It's embarrassing, I mean, it looks like I'm showing off! So I waited until the arena was almost empty, then I joined the others on the steps where we waited to be let in to the band.

Steve Harris and II watched the activity in the arena - the fans were almost gone, the stage was already gone and the crew was working quickly and efficiently to erase the tracks of the concert that had just taken place. It didn't take them very long to restore the arena to its original state. There was a guy standing next to me who also seemed to be there on his own. Most of the others seemed to be friends or knew eachother in one way or another. I actually fell asleep STANDING when suddenly I noticed that people were leaving someplace. It was time to go inside and meet the band!

We were shown into this hospitality room, and "Walt", who really did everything to make sure that I had a good time, asked me what I wanted to drink. I said "a Coke", cause I needed the caffeine badly and I was driving so I couldn't drink anything with any alcohol in it, not even a beer (which I hate by the way..!). He said he'd bring it to me in just a minute.

There we all were, in a dressing room, waiting for the band to show up. Some were helping themselves with the refreshments, some were just nervous, some were talking, and then there was me - who was sleeping... I realized how awful it was that I was SLEEPING and I was backstage with Iron Maiden with a laminate-pass around my neck, and there were thousands of fans out there who would have done anything to trade places with me! But at that point, it wouldn't have mattered if DAVID COVERDALE had walked in (well...maybe! :-D ), cause all I wanted to do was get the autographs I lacked so I could get in my car and drive back home where my bed was waiting for me!

Steve Harris signing autographs(as a matter of fact, I'm really tired NOW, so come back tomorrow for the rest of the photos and the story!)