Iron Maiden live Globe arena

The drive to Gothenburg was a drag. I only made one stop just to be sure I'd make it to the show on time. I was tired and tried really hard to stay awake. When I finally arrived in Gothenburg, I spent the next ten minutes looking for a parking-spot. There were Iron Maiden-fans everywhere, I felt like I had just stepped out of a time-machine that had taken me back to my own "glory days" in 1983! Now it was all happening once again, like a rerun of a popular tv-show! I envied the young, enthusiastic kids, cause I know how much THIS particular time in their lives will mean to them when they get older. Metal was everything to me when I was 14 years old! If there was a God, his name was Rob Halford, you know? I still love heavy metal, but that special "teenage feeling" is gone, naturally. Now it's a different kind of dedication.

Well, anyway; I went to find out where the guestlist was, and found a security-guy right next to McDonald's who was handing out little envelopes with interesting contents to curious and eager recipents! :-) Some of them were on the list, some of them weren't. It's always a gamble, cause you really never know for sure until you get there. Either he'll say "nope, sorry, I don't see your name here. NEXT!" or he'll say "ah, you are!" and hand you your envelope.

Maiden passI was nervous, what if I had driven all that way and I WASN'T on the list? But the minute I said my name the security-guy said "Yes, I recognize that name... I think I saw your envelope here earlier...hold on...Yup, here you go!". Phew! I opened it up, and there was a ticket AND a VIP-pass!

I hurried inside so I could stand in the front row, but when I came in, the front row was already packed. I managed to find a pretty good place eventually, and stood there watching the arena fill up with enthusiastic fans!

The guy next to me was complaining about having to "live through" Megadeth, cause he couldn't WAIT to see Maiden, and I wished I had found a better spot for myself, cause I really love Megadeth and it's no fun to watch a great band and be surrounded by bored anti-Megadeth-people! Megadeth is a really good live-band, but this time it was obvious that they were the typical openers - bad sound, bad light... All the usual "opening-act-crap". But who cares, the music was fenomenal-as always! I have some cool live-pix which I'll scan one of these days, so just keep checking.

During the Megadeth-gig, the man who had put me on the guestlist, "Walt", came over and asked if I was having a good time, and gave me a laminate VIP-pass!! If I wasn't overwhelmed already, I certainly was NOW! The Maiden-fan next to me stared at me, stared at the pass, stared at me again and probably wondered why the hell I had that pass... Well, I had no idea, I was just happy!

When Megadeth finished I asked one of the security-guys if I could get in backstage for a second to give Marty Friedman a message from a friend of his who lives in Stockholm now. I showed him my Maiden-passes and asked if they were OK for Megadeth too. He was really nice and said that there was a "meet and greet" party going on with Iron Maiden backstage, and that Megadeth had the dressing-room right next to the Iron Maiden party. I could always try and see if I could get hold of the Megadeth-guys.

- OK, thanks! Where is the backstage-entrance? I asked.

- Oh, come on, I'll show you! he said and escorted me all the way through the different gates and security-people! I only met nice people that day, and I'm so greateful for that, cause I was too tired to be pissed off! I didn't need to be pissed off at anybody, thank God - quite the contrary!

There was a whole bunch of people standing inside and outside the tiny dressingroom backstage. The security-guy pointed at the next door and said:

- The Megadeth-guys are in there. Good luck!

Then he asked one of his colleagues something and came back:

- Apparently they're already in there... If you're lucky you'll catch them before you all have to leave, cause the backstage area needs to be cleared before Iron Maiden goes up on stage...

Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) and IIt was a madhouse back there, people everywhere, and I didn't really have the strength (too darn tired!) to push my way in, but then "Walt" (the man who had helped me out all day with tickets and passes) grabbed me and went:

- Come on in! They won't bite you! Hahaha!

Adrian was busy signing stuff, and "Walt" just shouted:

- ADRIAN! Hey! Listen, can you stop that for a second, this girl has been waiting for two days!

I turned around to say that I hadn't exactly waited for two days, but "Walt" just smiled and put his finger over his lips as to say "ssshhhh!".

Adrian stopped what he was doing and turned around. "Walt" took my camera and took a photo of us, and more of less shoved everybody else out of the way so I could have my photo signed! Some things just never cease to amaze me...

Nicko made a typical Nicko-entrance, with a BIG smile and a loud voice:


...and went right to work signing autographs. Once again, I didn't feel like being pushed and pulled, I just figured I'd wait until he was done, and THEN ask him to sign the photo. But once again, "Walt" came to my rescue. He shouted:

- NICKO! This girl wants a photo, come on, get over here!

I felt a little bit embarrassed, cause I was being treated like a real VIP-person, while the others had to do what I always to - struggle! They were probably wondering why I got all that attention. Well, it still beats ME..! But then again, what difference does it make, it was nice! :-)

Nicko McBrain and me

And then I saw how people just started to leave. I asked one of the guys where everybody went, and he just said that it's SHOWTIME!

I rushed out, back to the arena and to my original spot in the front row. The Maiden-fan looked at me, but didn't say anything. I wonder what he was thinking...! I thought to myself that if he was such a Maiden-fan, I could get him autographs (I know that I would have appreciated that if I hadn't had a pass myself!) but he never said a word to me, and I thought it'd be stupid to just suggest that out of the blue, so I forgot about it and decided to concentrate on the show!

But I was about to go backstage once again! CLICK HERE to go to part 3!