Pink Gibson & mePink Gibson (Get Animal's singer, guitarist and frontman) trying to choke me in Malmoe!

K.K and me

K.K (Get Animal bassplayer) tried to cover my W.A.S.P t-shirt with the Get Animal-laminate! :-)












Me and ChrisHere I am with the most fascinating man I've ever met so far. Mr Chris Holmes (and you people who keep telling me about "The Decline of the Western Civilization part 2" - don't even bother, you don't have a clue...!). Sure he is a bad boy, and maybe he's not a classy man like Coverdale, but he's not ashamed of who he is, he's been very open about pretty much everything, and while others are trying to be holier than thou, he's not being a hypocrite about anything. He's genuine, so why just focus on his bad sides - there's so much good in this crazy rocker! :-)






Me and Mike DudaI don't think I said a word to Mike Duda during those days that I followed the band around. He was always smiling and sort of waving a little when I showed up, but that was it. I just politely said hello. I don't know why, I just didn't know what we would talk about, and he seemed to be a little more shy than the others. Maybe I'm dead wrong, but that was my impression of Mike up until THIS picture..!! Mari asked him if she could take a picture of him and me because I'd been travelling around to see them. "He's seen me, he knows!" I said. But, when I stood next to him for the usual "hug and smile"-kind of photo he just grabbed me and kissed my hair! And the first thing that went through my mind was: "Hey, I'm all covered in flour and feathers..!!". Yeah, well... This was a nice and pretty unusual way to say goodbye..! :-)The picture was taken only minutes before they all got up on the bus and left Sweden.

Stet HowlandStet Howland and myself outside the tourbus and the venue. See the white arrows behind Stet? Those are there especiallyfor HIM..!

- I always wake up on the bus and nobody's there, and I'm all sleepy and don't know where we are or where the others are or where I'm supposed to go... SO I asked them to give me a HINT! (and I guess this was a pretty good "hint", don't you?!)


The perfect ending to a perfect week. "The Boss" himself, Blackie Lawless scared me to death when he told me to come with him on the bus, but then I realized that he notices more than some of us think... I didn't think he even knew I existed, and then he does something like THIS! He sure knows how to leave a lasting impression! I still can't believe that all of this happened. It still feels like it was all just a dream...Blackie and me on the bus