Joey DEMaioWe've all heard it; Manowar is a male chauvinistic, women-degrading, uncivilized band. And they're studs - they take the women and then they leave town! :-) Well, that was what I had heard, and I wondered if I even wanted to meet a band like that. But what the hell... I really love songs like "Kill with power" or "Death of my enemies" so I might as well take the chance. "Miss X" (figure it out) had met the band a few times before, so I stayed out of the way when she first talked to Joey. I had nothing to say to him anyway. He recognized her and told her that he would get us passes and everything if we followed their bus down to the festival. We did (I have a photo of the bus too, taken from our car...!) and we passed all the security gates as easy as THAT - we just said "We're with them!". Or, "Miss X" did... At that point I was just the driver.. We got inside the festival backstage area, Joey got out of the bus and told the security people that it was okay, that we were his guests. We got our passes for the day, and went back to the hotel. Manowar wouldn't be on stage another few hours. I remember mentioning to "Miss X" how pleasantly surprised I was to see that Joey had been so CIVILIZED, no macho comments or anything, just very strict and kind. But I should have known that his reputation wasn't just some PR-trick...

When he came back to the hotel after the show, "Miss X" told him that it was my birthday "tomorrow". He looked at me and went:

-Really...? Then why don't you come up to my room and let me give you your birthday present!

- I don't think so, but thanks anyway...

- Why? I have a good deal for you: If you take YOUR clothes off, I promise I'll take mine off too!

- I have an even BETTER idea! You get to KEEP your clothes on...!

- Oh, so I get to keep them on and YOU take YOURs off? Well, that's okay!

- No, YOU keep YOURS on and I keep MINE on!

- Aaah, but that's no FUN! You're Dirty Thirty now, aren't you?

- Thirty, yeah...

- And you don't want to party? Come to my room, he said and grabbed my arm. He really thought I was joking and that I was just playing hard to get! His reputation was NOT exaggerated, that's for sure...!

- Are you in celibacy...? he asked.

- Well, TODAY I am! I answered and wished he's stop instisting. I wasn't going anywhere alone with him - ESPECIALLY not up to his room!

Then "Miss X" tried to save the situation by asking if he had a guitarpick that she could have.

- I think I might have one upstairs... But SHE'll have to come with me upstairs and look for it! he said and pointed at me while he was talking to "Miss X".

- No, I'm not going, so forget it! I said.

He didn't believe me, cause he started walking towards the elevators, and the last thing he said to "Miss X" was:

- Send her up to my room! I'm in room 402!

Like I was some sort of PIZZA and Miss X was the delivery guy! I hope he waited, cause I never went.I can't decide if it was funny or just annoying. I got the feeling that if he could have dragged me upstairs, he would... But it was so unbelievable at the same time that it was like a joke! I don't think I've ever met anyone like that before! Maybe he was just foolin' around, joking in a very weird way, beats ME...! I'm sure he found somebody who was easier to deal with later! :-D Now I know that Joey "Stud" DeMaio really does everything to live up to his reputation! So girls - watch out for this man!! :-)