Welcome to the page that's entirely for us ladies - and I can assure you, there ain't gonna be no knitting tips here! For starters, here are a few eye-treats for ya!

I won't tell you who it is right away- you can try to guess before you click and find out!

I chose a few pix of guys/men who I personally think are worth looking at. The pictures are taken from here and there - I've been a naughty girl cause I don't really know who the photographers are, but if you see a picture here that is yours - you're welcome to yell at me! The rest of you - if you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to drop me a line!

This man used to be Sexsymbol #1 in the mid-80's. He may not be a hunk anymore, but I can tell you one thing for sure - the man has sex-appeal, and I'm talkin' SERIOUS sex-appeal!

I met him at a press-conference a few years ago. The tent (it was a summer-festival. The press-conference was held backstage in a big tent) was full of journalists and record-company representatives who, as usual, couldn't care less about the band they were gonna meet. So, the band walked in - except the Man himself - and people basically just ignored them...

Minutes later, Mr X walks in, and it was like somebody pressed a button, it became totally quiet in there! ZIP! Just like that. All eyes were on him, following him as he was walking towards his seat. Once he was up there, he looked at everybody without saying a word. It probably didn't take more than a few seconds, but it felt like several minutes. It also felt like he could read people's minds and know everything about them just by looking at them.

My photographer got so nervous that the first few pictures she took of him are blurry, and I almost forgot to turn on my taperecorder! He's intelligent, elegant and a real English gentleman, but he's also very, very much like a snake..! He won't hesitate to call people he dislikes names, yet he never stoops too low in his comments. And -he has such a cool blues-voice! The picture you're about to see is one of my favorite pictures, and I wish I could show it to you in POSTER format!! Nuff said - click here

to see who he is!!


Alright, let's move on to the YOUNGER generation now! This guy is the without a doubt best looking drummer of all time! Actually, I did one of those things nobody ever admits to doing, but I bought his drum-instruction video just to be able to rest my eyes on his amazing face for an hour! I even went to L.A a few years ago (quite a long trip for somebody who lives in Sweden...) where he was gonna participate in the American Noize Fan Forum, just to meet him..! I figured there had to be SOMETHING wrong with him, maybe he had pimples, maybe he smelled bad, maybe he was a real geek, maybe... Nobody could be THAT perfect..? Or could they? He was. No pimples, no greasy hair, nothing! He was just as gorgeous as he was in pictures. I can't say that I care about the band he's in too much (I just can't STAND the singer!) but he's a real eye-entertainer! Who is it..? Well, go and find out! Click on the smiley!
Mr X number 3 is, again, from the "older" generation. Either I'M getting old, or rock'n'roll is simply the place where you'll be able to find men old enough to be fathers (and usually are! Even grand-dads sometimes!) but STILL look absolutely amazing. Now, this particular man is not exactly good-looking. But he's so sexy that he could teach younger guys a thing or two about how to move, how to dress and how to act. I know more than one lady from my own generation whose pulse increases rapidly when this man shows up on TV! I met him here in Malmoe in 1993, and was surprised, because he looks so tall in all the videos, but he was actually pretty small! It didn't matter though, he looked great - as always. He's mysterious, cool and kinda macho - a real rock'n'roller! Check him out!