Chris Holmes (W.A.S.P and Pink Gibson (Get Animal)Chris and Pink Gibson (from the opening act Get Animal) hanging out with the fans after the show in Karlstad. Pink had a video-team following him around everywhere, and he even sat outside Jäger playing requests on a small amplifier and managed to sell CD's at the same time! He was all over the place, and at times he even reminded me a little of Sebastian Bach (Skid Row)! But he has a long way to go before he becomes half as hyper as Baz, because Baz has GOT to be the King of Hyper-actives! :-)



T-shirts!"The T-shirt guy" (next time I'll bring pen and paper and write everybody's name down! I'm terrible at names!) was squeezed into this little space, but he just smiled and said he was used to it. "You just have to do the best of the situation", he said. I remember we talked about the Scottish band Gun (the t-shirt guy was Scottish, see...) and of course - it turned out they're friends of his.

So, what's it like selling t-hirts then? "People alyways come and ask things like: "Don't you have any white t-shirts?" or something like that! They don't seem to understand is that what is on the board behind me is what there IS, I'm not hiding anything!" :-)


Chris autographChris' autograph on my very first W.A.S.P-vinyl album! Now it's even more of a rarity than it was before..! :-)

(And then of course one of Chris' guitarpicks!)


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