RedI always liked to do stuff that would make people turn their heads and ask me if I'm normal...! I wouldn't go too far (shave my head or pierce everything from a to z!) but apart from some of the clothes I used to wear in the 80's (...) I enjoyed dying my hair. I almost forgot what my natural hair color was when somebody asked! This shot is from my red-head period. Lasted a few months. The tough part was to prepare my poor conservative parents for the change! But eventually, even my Dad got used to the red, purple and pink hair!

PinkAnd then, of course, there was the pink hairdo... I felt pretty comfortable in the pink actually! I guess some people thought that my big idol was Dame Edna!

Pink New Year!Here we are, celebrating New Year's Eve (1994? As usual, I'm not sure!) in Copenhagen, Denmark. From left: Lena, Linda and I. I was SO pissed off that evening because somebody broke my paper-trumpet! :-) I was actually LOOKING for a fight so I could find an excuse to punch somebody...!


PurpleMy favorite color, that I had for maybe two years, was the purple one. I remember once at the Malmoe-festival... I was standing outside a store, waiting for a friend. I was wearing a short skirt and red, shiny Doc Martens. After a couple of minutes, an old man walked up to me and said: "Excuse me...but, your hair doesn't go with your shoes..!". There was also this lady that came walking towards me on the sidewalk. She looked at me with a huge smile and said: "I just HAVE to tell you: It made me feel happy when I saw your bright colors!". This was in October when everything here in Sweden is cold, grey and boring (including people!). Those are two good reasons for dying your hair! People react - they either hate you or love you, but at least they won't just pass you without noticing you..!