Hair today, gone tomorrow...

James Hetfield, Metallica(Uuuhh.. What did I do to my hair..?)

Rock'n'roll is becoming bald. Suddenly, without a warning, even the guys in Metallica look like New Kids On The Block with electric guitars...Short hair and make up! Yeah, make up !! Jason, Metallica


What the h** is going on? Barbers all over the planet must be working overtime these days, in order to transform all long-haired beasts into billiardballs. Who started this hairless hysteria anyway?! Ten years ago there were only three rock-gods who dared to have short hair. One was Rob Halford (Judas Priest), then it was Udo Dirkschneider (Accept) and then there was Brian Johnson (AC/DC). But who would actually want to look like these guys?

No, as far as I can recall, it was Dan Reed who started the whole thing. He wanted to be taken seriously as a musician, not be recognized as the guy with the long, beautiful hair. Well, we all know what happened to HIS career! Then came one rocker after another, all looking like the new Vanilla Ice-generation.

I remember all the moments of horror, watching MTV, never knowing who would show up on the screen as a baldie. What a shock it was to see Jon Bon Jovi without the poodle-hairdo! But what was probably even worse was when Skid Row's Rachel Bolan cut his amazing hair...! The guy used to have hair that girls envied him for, and now he looks like a well-used tooth brush! I kept asking myself: WHY ??!

But it didn't stop there. Oh, no. Then came Soundgarden's Chris Cornell proudly showing the world his new "mama's boy"-haircut. Yup, they all got rid of their manes. But when the guys in VAN HALEN appeared on the MTV Video Music Awards looking like a bunch of attorneys, I gave up... Then it hit me, it´s gotta be Nelson's fault! Most rockers would rather die than be associated with those two shampoo-commercial twin geeks.

No, but seriously, rock'n'roll was always about the hair, right? It was fun to shock your mother with your new Slash-lookalike boyfriend, all dressed up in leather and studs, with Ray-Ban's and tattoos, riding his Harley. It was a blast! But those days are gone. Now you have to search high and low to find a guy who doesn't have short hair and a tie! True rockers are extinct, gone, vanished, pow! Disappeared! Don't ask me where they all went, but I miss them - a lot. People used to complain about the poodle-hair back in the 80's, but if this is the alternative, then gimme back the 80's. NOW!

Instead of mops we have toiletbrushes all over the place...

The only guy who seems to have the right idea is Quiet Riot's Kevin DuBrow. He might not have had hair in the 80's, but he got himself a wig rather than shaving his (vanishing) hair off!

Or Joe Lynn Turner who always had a wig, no matter what the hair fashion happened to be at the time. When most rockers are trying to look like Pantera's Phil Anselmo or god knows who, it feels like an important part of the rock'n'roll illusion has been taken away. What's next? Metalheads in baggy Adidas..? Suits and ties?

It's true that the long hair won't make the music better or louder, but it has always been a trademark, a style, well, lifestyle if you will... A rapper wouldn't be caught dead in a black leather jacket with an Iron Maiden-pin on it, so what's this with the shaved heads?

Nowadays you can't tell by the cover of a CD if you're buying a metal album or the latest CD from Barry Manilow. Even Barry Manilow has longer hair than most of the rock-dudes today! That's an indication that something, somewhere is severely wrong. Call me crazy, call me old-fashioned, I don't care. Just gimme back the hair!




Note: Even Jesus had long hair! Samson's strength and power was in his hair, and indians believe that long hair means power. So, let it grow guys, and give us rock-ladies something to look at again...!