Eric signing my jacketERIC SINGER won our hearts!


Well, I can't lie and say that I've always been the biggest Kiss-fanatic on earth, but I went to my first Kiss Convention a few years ago when Ace Frehley was the Special Guest of the evening, and after that I decided that it should be a "tradition" to go to these conventions whenever the chance was given. Vinnie Vincent was the second Kiss-member I met and yesterday it was time for mr "Animal Drummer" Eric Singer!

And I have to say that so far, Eric is the one I liked the most. The guy is so totally anti-rockstar..! He has no attitude problems whatsoever - he's just a very down to earth and sincere guy. He certainly stole MY heart - I liked him, he seems to be one of those "non-bullshit" kind of people.

Eric answering the fans' questionsHe refused to spread gossip about people that he knows or has worked with in the past. He just said that there are always disagreements within a band. You can disagree with your mother and father, or sister or teacher - but that doesn't mean that you hate them or that you can't hang out with them. That was his answer to the guy who asked if he was pissed off when Kiss decided to go on the make-up reunion tour without telling Eric and Bruce...

- Life is too short to hold a grudge against people. You gotta move on, start over. It's not healthy to walk around being pissed off at people for the rest of your life.

Somebody asked him if he got laid more when he joined Kiss.

- No, because I had a girlfriend at the time. I think you should ask Gene that question..!

(loud laughter from the crowd)

Another question was what band he prefered to play with - Kiss or Black Sabbath. His answer to that one was:

Eric with bottle...- I always liked the idea of a band that has a big show, you know, a big circus, and that's what Kiss is all about. It's an event when Kiss comes to town. But nobody, and I mean NOBODY writes heavy metal riffs better than Tony Iommi! He's the Godfather of heavy metal! Nobody even comes close.

But Eric's final answer was that he'd rather be in Kiss - just because it's such a big production.

One of the first questions he got was why he cut his hair.

- Why haven't you cut yours?! he said with a smile and pointed at the guy who asked the question.

- Well, it's just that I've had long hair for so many years, and I got bored. You don't wanna walk around looking exactly the same for the rest of your life. And times change. Welcome to the 90's!

I used to have really long hair when I was, like 11. Then I cut it short, and then I grew it back again when I was 15, and... You know, I didn't wanna look the same year after year, so I cut it.

What band would you like to have played in? somebody asked.

- Led Zeppelin! Or Deep Purple with David Coverdale. [guess who went "yeeeeah!" when he said that! :-)]

Anyway, he got tons of questions, I don't even remember them all. It was mostly about what songs he liked the most, what bands he'd rather be in, what he thinks about Gene and Paul, or Ace and Peter as musicians or if Alice Cooper is better to work with than Badlands and all that stuff.

Somebody shouted something about Lita Ford, and Eric quickly answered:

- No, I didn't fuck her! and laughed. Then he answered the question truthfully:

- Lita will always have a special place in my heart, because she was the one who gave me my first break. So, she's very special to me.

When the last question had been asked it was time for the usual "meet and greet"-thing. The stage was set up and markers, pens and drumsticks, videos, picks and whatever was placed right next to Eric for those who didn't have anything else for him to sign, or for those who just wanted something new.

Eric and I - signing my leather jacketWe were among the first ones in line too, which was great. But the kids went first, so all the kids, and a guy in a wheelchair, got to meet Eric before anyone else was allowed up on the stage where Eric was.

When it was finally my turn to climb the 4 steps that led to the stage I slipped and nearly fell flat on my face! Just my luck! Not a very dignified entry I must confess..! I asked him to sign my jacket, and the guy who was helping out there, to make sure everything went smoothly, kept snapping pictures like crazy.. I only had 6 shots left in the camera, otherwise he'd probably still be shooting..! :-)

Unlike the other Kiss-fans, I had my Black Sabbath "Eternal Idol" CD that I wanted Eric to sign. I don't remember what he said about it though...! That's so typical, I'm always to caught up in everything that's happenin´ ("did I forget something?", "what else did I want him to sign?", "where is my camera?", "oh, there's the marker...!") that I don't pay full attention to the person I'm standing there with...

Oh, well. We all got our stuff signed (we= David - who was dressed up as Dee Snider in the Dee-story, Ozzie and Magnus, the drummer in my band) talked a bit to the author of the Kiss-book "Kiss This" before we left Helsingborg and Tivoli to go to a new rock-club in Malmoe. When we left, Eric was still signing! Well, I guess that being a famous rock-musician is a hard job, but somebody's gotta do it! :-)





Eric signing autographs

Eric signing autographs (same as above, big size photo)

Eric presenting the winner of the Paul Stanley-lookalike contest

Eric with Ace and Paul lookalikes

Eric signing my Black Sabbath CD

Eric signing my stuff...

More to come!