Motörhead running timesMotörhead and Dio - Tuesday and Wednesday... It's been two rockin´ days and it feels good, it really does! I mean, This is what it's all about - it's about music, about dedication and communication between the artists, the fans and people around them!

In other words- I was finally HOME!

Let's begin by remembering the Motörhead day, on Tuesday October 27th. It was only 4 in the afternoon when I drove down to KB where they were gonna be playing. My pal Ozzie and her boyfriend were already there, freezing half to death. The rain was pissing down, it was stormy and it was so cold that you could just barely EXIST. You couldn't even use your umbrella because of the storm and no matter what you were wearing, it was freezing cold!

Anyway, when we had been standing there a few hours, watching people walking in and out of the tour bus, a nice guy with a laminate ran past us and shouted:

- You must be CRAZY standing out here!

- We ARE! I replied.

Well, it's true. No normal human being would so something like that..! :-)

Then he went up on the bus and disappeared. A few seconds later he returned and said:

- What have you got to sign? I'll bring it up on the bus - they'll sign it for you.

It wasn't quite the same as having it signed personally, but I could see the point - I wouldn't wanna stand there in the rain and the cold signing autographs either..! :-)

So, we waited for the guy to come out again, and a few minutes later he did - looking like a donkey with all that STUFF that we just tossed all over him (poor fellow!). Lemmys autograph

[Picture: Lemmy signed my leather jacket - he actually found a clear spot to write on!]

Then, surprisingly, he told us to come inside! And once we got into the club he asked us if we wanted a cup of coffee or tea or something, still mumbling something about how crazy we were "standing out there in the freezing cold when the rain is pissing down"...

We were shown into a catering-room (that's usually a small bar in the back of the club, called the Vinyl-bar - but when Motörhead and crew were there- it was a catering!).

He got us cups and told us to help ourselves. I was still shaking, cause I was free-eee-zing! And my clothes were soaked to the skin! We thanked him very much for his kindness, I mean, people like that are pretty rare... He asked me what my name was and introduced himself, but I didn't hear what he said, cause they were soundchecking..!

He said he was the tourmanager and that he'd be looking for us later at the show "we'll get you passes or something.." . Well, at least we were on the guestlist, and that was all we wanted! The important thing was to see the show, first and foremost.

I still can't believe he was so nice, cause he had no reason to be. He didn't KNOW if we were hysterical fans or what. It's so great to know that there still ARE people like that around!

Then we all went home and changed to DRY clothes (but I was still freezing HOURS after that!), and a few hours later, we went back to KB (the club). It was PACKED - I haven't seen so many people at a concert in a long time. But I noticed that lately,hard rock events attract a LOT of people, so mark my words...! :-D Hard rock is on the way back!! Again. Get ready for it people, it won't be long now!

Lemmy in the morningpaper[Picture: Lemmy in the morningpaper!]

The show was okay. This was the first time I ever saw Motörhead live, and Lemmy was really cool! So, in a way it was better than I thought, only that...well, Motörhead's music isn't really what I'd listen to every day. In my ears, most of the songs sound pretty much the same after a while. That's not to say that they are bad, only that they aren't "my cup of tea"!

But it was great to see so many PEOPLE! I couldn't even move! So I stood right next to a journalist-friend, Joachim, who was there to review the concert. Only that HE's taller than me and could see everything, whereas I only saw people's necks! We moved closer to the stage after a while. But eventhough the MUSIC isn't my thing, I can't help being impressed by Lemmy because he is so GENUINE. There's no bullshit about that man. What you see is most definitely what you get! Yeah, he's cool..! :-)

Anyway, after the show I tried to find Ozzie and her boyfriend, and finally found them. They were standing right by the backstage-entrance. We hadn't seen the tour manager, and we didn't have passes. (So, NOW what...?) But the security-guy looked familiar for some reason, and Ozzie was convinced that I knew him (and I know I DO, I just can't remember WHERE I've seen him before! Isn't it such a drag when THAT happens?!) so... I took a chance and went over to him. I just asked something about the band, if they were still up there and if they were gonna come downstairs.

And he just went:

- They are not coming down. But you can go up there if you want!

Some guy tried to "cruise in" when the door opened, but got a loud and clear "fuck off" for an answer, while Ozzie and her guy and myself just went straight up to Motörhead's dressing-room...! And the worst thing is - I STILL don't know where I know that guy from... So embarrassing.

Anyways, when we got up there, Lemmy was at the bar, drinking something (a beer I guess... Didn't really notice), Mikkey Dee was talking to some fans, and the rest were in the couch just relaxing. The few people who were there kept walking over to Lemmy asking for autographs or telling him how great the show was or whatever. I was surprised that he was so short... I mean, he looks VERY tall on stage, but he wasn't THAT tall. He's NOT a beauty, that's for sure, but he's a true rock'n'roller! :-)

We didn't stay long up there, it was a very laid back atmosphere, people looked very relaxed. But I was tired and needed to get home, so we left early.

The NEXT day it was time for DIO!!! Read on!

[Picture: Dio was a total sweetheart, caring very much for his fans. He's the King Of Rock'n'Roll!]


The day when Dio came to town was a pretty bad one for me, personally. The rain was still pissing down when I woke up in the morning, it was dark and cold, and I didn't feel like going to work at all. But I had no choice - no job=no money! To make a long story short, my day really sucked.

When I called Ozzie in the afternoon I was so pissed off that I was seconds from punching somebody. You know...Just a BAD DAY. Anyway, I drove down to KB again, and somehow the view looked familiar - two rockers with umbrellas! Ozzie and her boyfriend. Plus some other guy who was talking to the busdriver. He came over and said that the band was still at the hotel, so we got in our cars and drove to the hotel.

I went to the bar and ordered a Coke, and got prepared to wait... In the meantime, the guy (forgot his name. I'm terrible with names!) told me about other recent Dio-shows, and said that most of them had been sold out. Suddenly I felt -panic! I didn't have a ticket, never thought it would be SOLD OUT, I mean, it seldom IS! And eventhough there was always a chance to get in on the guestlist, I had to be SURE... When it's an artist that I really, really want to see, I'm not taking any chances. So, I ran off to the nearest ticket-agency, tried to catch my breath and said:

- A ticket...Dio...

The girl behind the counter typed in Dio in her computer and got that strange look on her face, then she said:

- Oh... It's sold out. The last ones just went...

I couldn't believe it. Thought she was joking.

- You're kidding, right??

- No, the last tickets went just a few minutes ago...

Now my bad day was a DISASTER day, and I wasn't even angry anymore, I was desperate! I felt so sorry for myself that I cried in the car while I was cursing all my fellow drivers for being so goddamn slow...

I got back to the hotel and the others were talking about Ian Gillan, totally relaxed. They asked me if I got a ticket, and I almost started crying again when I told them that it was sold out! But Ozzie, who's used to my mood-swings, told me to relax and call a few other places before I gave up. It's a very simple thing to do, and if I had been in a normal condition, I would have done that before I gave up. But I just felt that the whole world was against me in that very moment. She gave me her cellular phone and read the numbers I should call. Every single place said the same thing: "Sorry, there are no more tickets...". And JUST as I was about to go home and stay indoors for a couple of days, hating the world, an old man answered the phone and said: "Dio? Yes, we have tickets".

I was convinced that I had misunderstood him, but I got in the car and drove over there like a maniac ("I speed at night"!?). When I got there, I still wasn't sure if he was gonna tell me "sorry, I misunderstood, we have tickets for every other act at KB" or something, but...

- Hi, I called before... About Dio?

- Oh, yes, yes... he said with a smile and went behind the counter.

Dio biljettWhen he came back, he was holding a bunch of tickets in his hand. He ripped off one of them and said:

- That'll be 170 kronors.

I almost kissed the man!! All the dark clouds in my heart and soul just disappeared and now everything was just WONDERFUL!

When I got in the car, I just screamed out for all I was worth. I was so totally, completely happy - I was just as happy as I had been depressed just a few minutes ago!! I could go to the show! NOTHING else mattered!!

When I got back to the hotel, the band was already down in the lobby, and they were talking to my friends. Bob Daisley, Simon Wright and Tracy something (me and names...) who was talking to Ozzie when I arrived.

He looked at me and said:

- I remember you from last night!

He had been at the Motörhead gig, and I remember him too actually, cause he looked like somebody else we knew with that red bandanna, so I remember him very well. Only that I didn't know who he was yesterday! :-)

The band was going to soundcheck, Ronnie was still up in his room and wouldn't come down until it was time to go to the show. We waited... And waited... We missed the opening act... But who cares, I knew I would get in, and this was the only chance we had to meet the living legend!

The band came back from soundcheck after a few hours and then nothing happened for quite a while. I was nervous and restless, ran back and forth between the bar and the lobby, got Cokes and sandwiches (forgot to eat...As usual) and went on Ozzies nerves... She's used to it though, and tells me to shut the f**k up when I get to annoying! :-)

And then... Just when we all had fallen half asleep, the elevators opened and out came a whole bunch of people, and a man dressed in black. He might not be tall, but something tells you that you gotta treat him with respect. The guy who we met outside KB earlier, who had been talking to the busdriver, went over to Ronnie and asked him if he could come over to our table to sign a few things.

Ronnie signing our stuffRonnie just smiled and didn't hesitate for a second. He walked straight over to us, smiled and said hello. He seemed happy to sign whatever we put in front of him, talked to everybody (all 5 of us) and posed for the pocket-cameras... When he was signing my leather jacket, something happened that just SHOULDN'T happen - the marker was almost dry! But when most artists would have given up and told me to get another marker, Ronnie just smiled and pressed the marker harder to the jacket and wrote slowly, but firmly.

- I should have bought a new marker..! I said.

- Yes, he smiled, but I'll manage..!

Of course he did. Well, he's a magician, isn't he?! :-)

Ronnie signed my jacket[Picture: He signed it, even if it took him a few seconds more than usual..!]

He was just so nice, and I felt that my day had gone from total hell to heaven ("Heaven and hell"!).

Nothing could go wrong now!

They all went, and he waved to us and smiled as he walked out from the hotel.

- See you at the show!

We drove down to KB, and when we came in, the place was jammed. Most DEFINITELY sold out! The security-guy told everybody that those who didn't have a ticket needn't bother. Well, we had tickets and guestlist, so I guess we were VERY welcome to come in..!

Ronnie autograph LPI knew ONE thing for sure, I was gonna stand in the front-row, so I left Ozzie and her boyfriend to get a spot in the front row on the other side of the stage (they were heading towards the right side, I went to the left).

On my way to the front, I was stopped by people I know, everybody wanted to talk, but I had only one thing in mind - to get to the front row!

And it's only recently that I discovered why some girls dressed the way they did when they went to concerts back in the 80's. The groupie-look is PERFECT if you wanna stand in the front row! And why? Well, the guys were staring down my cleavage, so when I asked them if I could squeeze in somewhere, they just moved! Like the Red Sea parting.

- Oh, yes, absolutely!! was the answer I got. He looked very happy. He had a perfect view - not of the stage, but of my bra... I didn't give a s**t, he could stare at whatever he pleased, as long as I had a good spot in the front! :-)

I used to go to concerts in jeans and t-shirt because it was comfortable, but people aren't helpful at ALL when you look like a normal rocker! But when you look like a groupie, you get VIP-treatment! Interesting study... Some guy in the bar even got me a drink. I mean, this is Sweden, that RARELY happens!

So, now I know that I'm gonna have to look like a slut when I got to sold out shows in the future...! :-) It pays off!

When the show began I had a feeling that it WAS gonna be magic... After the intro, the little man with the HUGE voice jumped out on stage and impressed us all already after the first notes! WOOOW!!

The best way to describe his presence is like I read in a review the next day - that he looks like he's walking on clouds. He's light and moves across the stage like a king. He never looks a bit tired, well, I don't think I even saw a drop of sweat on his forehead! It really looked like "nothing" to him, like it was perfectly normal to hit those high notes that only DOGS can hear!! He was... I can't even describe it. I mean, haven't we all been listening to Dio since we were kids? We KNOW what he can do, but when you hear him do it over and over again, after so many years when most singers have lost their vocal powers a long time ago... You can't believe it. Ronnie James Dio is only getting BETTER!

And THAT impresses me! I got to hear all the classics, "Holy diver", "We rock", "Mob Rules", "Heaven and hell", "Don't talk to strangers" and even "MISTREATED"!!! "Mistreated"?!?!?!? I never thought I would say this, but... (am I REALLY about to say this..?) Ronnie sang "Mistreated" better than David Coverdale. There! I said it! Am I going to hell now? :-(

All in all, I just think the concert was the best thing I've seen since the Whitesnake-shows last year! Absolutely amazing! The only thing I missed was "King of rock'n'roll". I pictured it in my head how he would run out on stage and open the show with the powerful "King of rock'n'roll", but he didn't. So I figured that maybe he'd use it as an encore. But he didn't. He did "Long live rock'n'roll" but that wasn't quite the same thing...

On the other hand, I know that every single fan has his or her own idea of which songs he "should" sing. It was a good choice of songs though.

When he went off the stage, he was hailed like a king - which he is! The king of singers! I had walked over to the other side of the stage by the time it was time for an encore. People were screaming "DI-O! DI-O! DI-O!!" and refused to let him leave the stage! He was standing behind the stacks, with a big smile and told the guys that he was gonna do one more. He had to do that more than once...!

Anyway, when he left, people were in seventh heaven. I looked at their faces, and they were all smiling, looking like they had been blessed or something. I doubt that ANYBODY was disappointed. It was impossible!

After the show, I waited for Ozzie and her boyfriend (again) and saw SO many people I knew on their way out! It's like all my old friends and aquaintances were there! It was great! Some of them stopped to chat a little, others were walking right past me in their own little private worlds...! No need to mention any names...

I talked to the guys in the opening act, Aces High (Yngwies former drummer, Anders Johansson, is playing with them now. He's also an old "friend" of mine. Well, not a real friend in that sense, only somebody I've met and talked to many times.). I met two guys I haven't seen since...well, a looong time. We were in the same class when I first discovered heavy metal! That was back in 1983 or something like that. I remember how I used to hang with them all the time, because they were the only ones who were interested in music, and all the girls in my class were picking on me because of it. Y'know... Teenage stuff. But it was pretty amazing that they are STILL listening to this! One of them even introduced me to Manowar's music back then! I thought I was the only one left from 1983 who loved metal THEN and still loves it. But here they were - my old friends from the early days! :-)

The Manowar-guy told me that he never understood why I was so crazy about Priest back in the early 80's, but he discovered them later on, and NOW he loves Priest! Especially Rob. I think he meant his voice...! :-)

Talked a bit to the security guy from last night before we all left. We had nothing more to say to Dio, except "THANKS FOR AN EVENING OF MAGIC!!" ,but he would hear that from everybody else anyway, so we walked out with big smiles on our faces. He is the King of Rock'n'roll...! :-D




(PS. More pics coming up - hopefully!)