What a week it has been! First, Ozzie managed to persuade me to go and see Backyard Babies - a Swedish band that has been around for years- people knew who they were but nobody gave a f**k. NOW they're the Big Hype Band in Sweden, and God only knows how THAT happened! Ozzie's boyfriend (yes, Ozzie is a SHE) likes Backyard Babies for some strange reason, so he wanted her to go with him. She on the other hand could think of better things to do with her time, but figured that the evening could be bearable if we were at least two who DIDN'T like Backyard Babies..! We saw the band years ago and they really sucked! The guitarist plays with another band called Hellacopters too, and they stink BIG time! But they are a huge media hype too around here.

Anyway, we all went to see them, and much to my surprise, they weren't THAT awful anymore..! It was pretty entertaining watching a band that was playing a mix of Hanoi Rocks and Sex Pistols, all dressed up in leopard blazers, tattooed and pierced - the works, NOW in 1998...!

The after show- party was a wild one, apparently (I wasn't there though, I left right after the show) cause they wrecked the dressing room and threw out the TV through the window on the second floor! Talk about rock'n'roll pig behaviour...!


But that was Saturday night. Last night, Thursday, it was time for mr DEE SNIDER and his gang to rock this town! It was something I had been looking forward to for weeks (I WANNA ROCK!!) and the idea was that David (see the UDO-story), his friend Jon, my friend Ulrika and myself would dress up in typical 80's rock-gear - and we sure did!! I began with the make-up and fake eyelashes already at 3 pm! And the rest of the outfit was - well, not very isolating, to put it that way...!

Ulrika came over and dressed up too, and she's a sight when she gets ready for a club! She's not exactly the shy type, and her piercings and tattoos make her stick out in an average Swedish crowd..!

I had a few glasses of wine, we cranked up the volume to some old vinyls - Van Halen 1984, Judas Priest, Mötley Crüe, Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper and whatever we could find in the record stacks! And there was plenty..!

When we were pissing off my neighbors at the most, the drummer in my band showed up with a 6-pack (=beer) and two Twisted Sister vinyls (I never bought any Twisted Sister albums, cause back then, I was a big Judas Priest fan. I liked Twisted Sister, but I never spent any money on their albums...).

David dressed up as mr Dee!A few minutes later, David came over. He had been walking around with plaits all day to get the right Dee-hairdo! After a few glasses of wine, he was ready to be transformed! He put on my old neon-tiger spandex and fringe leather jacket. Then I fixed his hair and put on the Dee-make up, and he was ready to shock!

David as Dee Snider in the crowdWe called a cab and went to KB - the club. David was a hit! People didn't quite get that Ulrika and I were dressed up as a joke too... Some guy even asked me if I was a "sado"! :-D

I haven't seen KB so PACKED before! And everybody was there - I kept saying hello or hugged somebody every two seconds, or so it seemed! There was supposed to be a Judas Priest cover-band as one of the opening acts. So I asked some guys who were right in the front, if they liked Priest.

- No, not really, they answered.

- Good, then you won't mind if I stand right here, will you?! I said and squeezed in. The guys were gentlemen enough to move, and one of them placed himself behind me instead. (what was he supposed to do? I stole his spot..!:-)

The first band was Tenebre - they used to call themselves Flegma years ago. The guitarist used to play with Anki (see Photo-album section and go to "friends"!) and me in a band a few years back. It was cool to see them play, it'd been a while.

The Judas Priest cover band never showed up. They were "sick"... Bummer..!!

But Dee and his S.M.F (Sick Mother F**kers) were about to enter the stage...

I WANNA ROCK!!!I didn't know what to expect, really. I mean, after all, it's BEEN 15 years since he sang those hits and since this kind of music (and image) was fashionable. "Maybe he's too old and lacks energy"...

Maybe he's just trying to relight a fire that's been dead too long. Maybe the whole thing would turn out to be a huge fiasco..! Some reunions are very close to embarrassing. Well, a few more minutes and I would find out whether mr Snider still had that old spark or not!

There was no need to worry, that was perfectly clear already after the first chords!

Mr Snider wasn't here to be an embarrassing parody of his old alter ego, he was here to ROCK! And man, did he rock! There was no sign of tiredness in this dude, that's for sure! He was in great shape, gave 200% of himself from the very beginning and didn't lose that energy throughout the whole show!

Alright, he's far from a beauty (my little sister used to be so scared of Dee that she ran crying into the kitchen every time he showed up on TV in the "We're not gonna take it"-video!) as a matter of fact, he's uglier than EVER, but he's just so COOL! :-)

His voice sounds exactly the same now, in 1998, as it did back in 1984!


Dee giving us everything he's got!

What a feeling it was to hear "You can't stop rock'n'roll" again! I must be getting old, cause I had little deja vú's all the time while I was standing there - sort of went back to my teenage years! :-)


I looked around me and saw that I was far from the only one who got a kick out of this - there were banging heads all over the place - fists in the air, people roaring out the rock-anthems such as "I wanna rock" or "Leader of the pack" ... Well, ALL the old Twisted Sister songs are classic by now!

This made me realize that the 80's might be coming back-soon! If you can fill a place to its limit like this, with an artist who hasn't been doing anything worth mentioning (music-wise) since the 80's, there's good hope for the future!

Mr Snider thinking about his retirement-NOT!


I was headbanging, sweating and behaving like the average metalhead who has been around since the "good old days". Even the "new generation" of rockers, who were too young to remember the Twisted Sister days, caught up with the rest of us. A big rockin' gang!

Well, anyway, after the show I went to get my jacket, but it took forever to get it, everybody else had come up with the same idea...!

When I finally got it, I mingled around a little more, met more people, old musician friends and then even got asked if I wanted to sing backing vocals for Tenebre. Well, why not..?! David and I decided to go and wait for Dee and get an autograph.

We realized that our outfits weren't meant for the Swedish weather in March, cause we both thought we were gonna freeze to death! David in spandex, me in fishnet stockings and not much clothes at all - in the freezing cold..! Ah, it would be worth it, meeting Dee Snider! Yeah!

David, Stefan and Dee after the show!One of the guitarists came out and talked to David (I was freezing far too much to participate in the conversation) and the rest of the band was running back and forth. There was a whole bunch of old Twisted Sister fans outside, all waiting for The Man. And then, he showed up!

He was really cool, a real rock'n'roller who lives the rock'n'roll life because it's in his blood! He signed our stuff (my leather jacket as usual and the pink flyer which you'll find on the diary-section). And as you can see in the photo right here, he signed David's Dee/Twister Sister photo.

Mr Snider walked around talking to everybody. He seemed to really want to spend time with these fans - and I'm sure it was very much appreciated.

Dee and the truck[PIC: Dee with the truck that he signed! I guess they'll never wash THAT truck again!]

Some fans had the Twisted Sister logo on the back of their truck and he signed that too.


Dee with fans[PIC: And here he is again, in the middle of the night, in the middle of the street outside the club, signing all sorts of stuff, even acting for a girl who had a video-camera]


Dee is one of those people who definitely can live up to the name "cool", but at the same time, he's not trying to distance himself from the people who come to listen to his music or who want to have a chat with him after the show. A very charismatic man indeed, ugly as he may be... :-) No offense, Dee - but I think we can all agree on one thing: You didn't become famous because you're a pretty boy..! :-D

Heartbreaker Snider..?[PIC: "Waddaya mean I'm not a pretty boy?! MOI?!?!]


When everybody had talked to Dee, and he had signed everything there was to sign, it was time to break up. He waved to us all, thanked us for being there and left. And I must say that I was relieved that I could finally go home and get those high heel SHOES off!

I didn't get more than 3 hours of sleep before I had to go to work, but what the heck..! As long as it doesn't happen every day, I'm fine. I'm looking forward to the "real" Twisted Sister reunion that Dee said was gonna take place some time in the summer! And they'll be coming back to Sweden in the fall. At least that's what he said, let's see if we can trust him ! :-)

So if you missed it this time, you still have a chance to ROCK later this year!!

See ya folks!





Are you gonna take it?!