Cozy Powell

COZY POWELL (1947-1998) R.I.P

I heard the sad news, and couldn't believe it was true. I thought someone had misunderstood, that he probably just had another minor motorcycle-accident.But it was true. Cozy is no longer with us . It's going to take a while to understand the meaning of this. Cozy has always been a person I admired, definitely one of the most respected musicians on my list. I had the privilege of meeting him twice and found him to be a tough, positive man with a "young" spirit. Somehow it feels ironic that we actually spoke about life after death (see the interview w. Cozy and Tony Martin) when we met.

It always feels unreal when someone passes away this quickly, especially when it's someone who you feel is somehow a part of your life although you don't actually KNOW this person. But I'm also a firm believer that there is a life after this, that we just exist in different dimensions at different periods on our neverending journey through "life" - whatever that word means.

Cozy, rest in peace.

(Click on the photo to go to Cozy's official site where you'll find more info about the tragic death of one of our time's best drummers...)