I'm currently reading "Whitesnake - The illustrated biography" by Simon Robinson and found a little "story" in there that I just LOVED! Check it out:

Whitesnake, an illustrated biography"Coverdale spent his spare evenings checking out bands in London, on the look-out for any likely recruits as they were still short of a keyboard player. Down at the Speakeasy one night he was accosted by a spiky haired individual who asked him who he was.

"I'm a boring old fart", came the reply, "And who might you be?

"I'm Sid Vicious", the individual replied.

"Well, I'm David Ferocious so I suggest you leave before I put your lights out", replied David.

Or how about THIS quote!

" They haven't had the capacity to get my equipment in...not my genitals, but stuff like lights and things"...

...Or when David had problems with a mike stand that was too short:

- Who's been getting gear off Ronnie Dio?! he gribed at a roadie off-stage.


I just love David's "right on"-sarcasm and snake-like comments! Check out the book - "Whitesnake-and illustrated biography", by Simon Robinson (Omnibus Press 1989)