Accept-pickI've seen Accept a few times, but I never met them in the sense that I actually talked with them and got to know them. There was just never enough time. The last time I met them was in Lund, Sweden. Like always, there were very few girls at the concert, so afterwards, when a friend of mine and I went back to the stage-door, we really received special treatment, to say the least..!

The stage-door was on the top of a long staircase, and the stairs were full of Accept-fans (=guys). The Accept-members were signing autographs for all they were worth up there, when they discovered Eva and me, who stood last in line. With big smiles all over their faces they waved to us to come up.

Accept, bass pick - Girls! Let them through! Let them through! somebody said (I don't recall who it was). It was like the Red Sea parting! Everybody moved, and we could just walk right up like two queens to get our stuff signed!

But my greatest Accept-memory, was when they played on their Farewell-tour on May 1996. I stood in the front row, as usual, and had a great time, relived old memories, loved everything that was happening on stage. You know. Accept-ticketBut after a while I felt very thirsty. Very, VERY thirsty.

So I called a security-guy and told him that I needed some water. He just ignored me, cause it was obvious that he didn't feel like going anywhere.

I felt the panic, cause it was very hot in there, no fresh air, crowded, and I really needed all my strength to fight people off (it's always like that in the front). And I was so thirsty I just didn't know what to do. I couldn't go anywhere, I was stuck. I tried a few more times to get the guard's attention, but nope...

Wold Hoffman, AcceptThen it all went pretty fast - I thought I was gonna pass out. I felt dizzy and thought I was gonna die or something. And then, just when I couldn't really enjoy the show, or even recognize what song they were playing, I saw a plastic mug, filled with water, in front of me. I just grabbed it. Then I saw who had given it to me. It was Peter Baltes, the bass player. He had seen the whole thing from the stage, so he stopped playing for a few seconds to hand me HIS water.

That's all I can remember - a hand holding a plastic mug with water, right in front of my face.

After that, Peter's been more or less a SAINT in my opinion! And if anyone who reads this knows Peter, tell him I said thanks! Cause I never had a chance to thank him for "saving my life" back then!

Thanks Peter!


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