I was beginning to think that there was absolutely NO chance I would get Blackie to sign my jacket or my LP. Even Andy, the bass-tech said "I'd be surprised if you got one, to be honest..." cause the band was late for the ferry.

Suddenly the door opened and Blackie came out, right behind Johnny "the boss". He looked very serious, well even angry (but that's just his face I guess cause I'm so used to seeing him look dangerous..!) and was definitely in a hurry. Johnny said that the autograph-session would be in the end of the bus and tried to keep people away from Blackie.

But then... Blackie saw me, poined at me and went:

- You! Come with me! in a very serious voice and his face still looked sort of angry. He's the kind of person you have respect for, you just WOULDN'T want to mess with a man like that...!

My first reaction was "what did I do now..?!" cause he looked so serious, and thought he was gonna tell me off for doing something I wasn't supposed to or something. Who knows, that was the impression I got..!

When we got to the back of the bus there was a crowd of people around Blackie and he didn't even look at anyone, just looked around and said:

- Where did she go..?

He saw me, pointed at me and waved to me and told me to come up on the bus. People tried to squeeze in, but Johnny pushed everyone away. Not even my friend Marie was allowed up on the bus to take pictures of me and Blackie... The door closed in everybody's face and then it was all quiet. I was alone with Blackie...

Blackie told me to have a seat and I wondered why he had "chosen" me over all those people and why I was even up there - especially when I knew that they were late for the ferry!

Suddenly he just smiled and said:

- YOU have been to pretty much EVERY single show! And you look like you're really enjoying yourself, so I thought I'd do this. What have you got for me..? he said and looked at the things I brought with me.

- I have this jacket where I collect autographs... There is barely any more room, but... Oh, maybe here! I said and pointed on a small space.

- Well, what do you know..! Right beneath my buddy Ronnie Dio! he said, looked at Johnny and smiled.

- Are you friends? It must look pretty funny with him and you standing next to eachother!

- There is a picture somewhere actually, where I'm on my knees right next to Ronnie and I STILL look taller! he smiled.

He signed my LP too, and I thanked him so much for taking the time, and for even doing this and wished him luck with the tour.

- I won't stall you, I know you're in a hurry...! I said to Johnny and got out of the bus.

- Take care, said Blackie and he looked very tired.

Blackie and me on the busThe door opened and there was a very enthusiastic group of fans there, all pushing and squeezing to get first to Blackie. I couldn't believe what had just happened.

"You! Come with me!" 4 words that sounded so scary at first and then turned out to be so totally amazing! There is NOTHING that beats that feeling of being "the chosen one". I know that there have been many others who managed to meet Blackie on this tour, but to me it was unbelievable to have been picked out from a group of people by Blackie Lawless himself! I just WON'T be able to sleep!!

Anyway, people were pushing and I took the opportunity to say thank you to Johnny for everything the past few days, and he said he'd be in touch. We'll see - it would be nice to hear from these guys again, they were all so incredibly nice, the greatest crew of people I've ever met!! I exchanged business-cards with a few of them, so hopefully I'll be able to stay in touch with at least somebody..! :-)

Johnny saw Marie with her camera and said that there was no time for pictures. Normally I would respect that, but this was like... Maybe this will be the last chance EVER, I just HAD to ask Blackie himself... I squeezed in and politely asked Blackie if he thought he would have a second to just take a picture and he said it was okay. He moved the pizza-box and let me sit next to him while Marie took the photo.

Once again I thanked him and went out, still thinking I was dreaming...

Then Chris came with two Danish girls all over him giggling, kissing and hugging him. He signed a few autographs, then he surprisingly turned to me and hugged me before he went up on the bus! Oh-my-god...

I was totally, TOTALLY dizzy by everything that had happened just the last few minutes! I wish I could have come up with something good to say, but I had no idea WHAT to say (for a change)! I was confused and very sad to see them leave. It was over. I didn't want it to be over, I wanted this to last at least another week! I wasn't sick of this yet, on the contrary, I had so much fun that it should be illegal..! I haven't been eating or sleeping, I don't know WHAT made my body function, but it did, and I'm happy!

The doors closed and the bus started rolling down the street. We waved to the black windows that probably nobody was looking out of, and saw the bus disappear around the corner... Then it was all quiet again and the street was empty. The fans were gone, everything was back to the way things always are. Was it all just a dream...?! :-(