Well, I finally met the man again! Alice Cooper was in town to scare his disciples as usual..! I can't say it was a "real" meeting, as Alice was in an awful hurry both days. All we saw of him was >zooooom!!!< ["oh, was that hurricane Alice..???] when he ran OUT of the hotel and >zooom!<when he came BACK to the hotel. His return to the hotel, by the way, was a rather interesting one, cause there was a whole bunch of Finnish old ladies at the reception desk checking in when Alice and his personal assistant Brian Nelson razzled through the lobby. Maybe I should add that Alice was still in his stage-make-up and stage gear... Need I say more?! The ladies stared at him with eyes as big as ping-pong balls, probably wondering what kind of hotel they had checked in to...!

I had missed the show due to some, well, personal shit I guess you could call it... So when Brian ran through the door he went:

- Hey! You were supposed to be at the show!

- I wasn't (didn't have time to explain why!)

- How DARE you?! smiled Alice (it's pretty incredible that I could actually detect that smile, cause all you could see of Alice in that speed was a whole lotta HAIR!)

Helena, Daniel and AliceMy "partner in crime" Beatrice and two of our friends, Daniel and Helena came in just minutes later. Helena is a big Alice-fan, and was totally star struck!

It's fun to bring people along who haven't met any bands before, cause they tend to appreciate it so much more!


WHOOPS! Sorry folks, I just realized that I wrote this LAST YEAR and totally forgot about it! I guess there won't be a real story after all... Oh well, some other time, maybe. If I feel like it! :-)