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Deities and Religion

I like to think about the gods of Faerūn from the point of view of NPC such as Commoners, or Warriors. Here follows some comments about the gods of Faerūn.

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About the Time of Troubles

Dru, more known as Druhallen of Sunderath, is a skilled wizard who appears in the Forgotten Realms novel The Nether Scroll. This wizard had some thoughts about the Time of Troubles, thought that are presented below. For more details, see page 216.

6 Eleint, the Year of the Banner (1368 DR),
The Greypeak Mountains 

"They'd all heard tales of the recently ended Time of Troubles in which gods had died and -- in some versions of the tales -- mortals had replaced them. The deaths of Bane and Myrkul were all but confirmed. Their priests were impotent and their temples abandoned, but a new Mystra, a fallible, born-mortal Mystra? No, It was inconceivavle; Dru had refused, until now, to conceive of it."

Faerūnian Deities


Angharradh is the elven goddess of spring, fertility, planting, birth, defense, and wisdom. She is a Greater Power and her Domanis are Chaos, Elf, Good, Knowledge, Plant, Protection, and Renewal. She is primary venerated by moon elves.


Bane has many names. He is called the Black Lord, the Lord of Darkness, the Black Hand, and the Dark One. But, as Fessel the Garrulous said, Bane could also be called the Dark Lord. Actually, Bane could be called by any combination that the imagination and the ignorance of humans can muster.

Bane has been around for a long time, longer than Cyric. Jergal was first, but he belongs to the long lost past. Folk from the Dales have feared Bane for a long time.


As one of lord Mourngrym's soldier, Fessel the Garrulous, said:

"Never name a god by his name, and specially not Sunburst Skull (Cyric). You see, I have heard folk talk about him as beeing a human from Sembia, but I tell you, rubbish! No human will ever become a god. Divinity is god's business, not owers. I tell you this. There are many gods, more than you can imagine, and some of them, walk among us. That was what happened in the Times of Trouble. A dark an evil god, from the south far beyond the old lad's kingdom (Cormyr) and the Stars Sea (the Sea of Fallen Stars), came to our Dale and continued further north to the Keep. And treacherous and foolish as the folks of the Moonsea are, they abonded their gods and payed homage to this southern god in hope of gaining bigger riches. Now, you know what price they have payed now, don't you? The Dark Lord sent his evil dragons and giants from the north to destroy the Old Keep (Zhentil Keep)."

Tyr -- The God of Justice, LG

Tyr is the god of justice. He is worshiped in many regions of Faerūn, but his clerics are favored in Calimshan, Cormyr, the Dalelands, the Moonsea, Sembia, Tethyr, and the Vilhon Reach (Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting p. 23, table 1-3 Favored Deities by Region). The alignment of a Cleric of Tyr is either LG, LN, or NG (Faiths and Pantheons p. 79). The alignment of a dedicated worhiper of Tyr is either LG, LN, or NG (Faiths & Avatars p. 169). He is worshiped by paladins, judges, magistrates, lawyers, police, and the oppressed (Faiths and Pantheons p. 79).

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