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City of Splendors -- Waterdeep

Errata to CoS

Some corrections to CoS, by Eric L Boyd:

  • Arilos and Mourngrym are brothers. Their father and mother are Challas and Miri. Regnet is Ariloas second son.
  • Challas and possibly Miri should be Chondathan.

The City Watch of Waterdeep

By Ed Greenwood, copy paste from Wizards of the Cost.

Ranks and Badges

To outsiders, "watchmen" (a term that some use for both genders, so a shopkeeper may be heard saying: "And then the lady watchman come running, sir, and strike me blind if she didn't . . .") come in three sorts: "patrolman" (male) or "patroljan" (female), "captain" (any officer controlling a patrol) and "commander" (any officer of higher rank). Many folk call every watch member "officer," just to be safe.

Watch members actually hold these ranks, from lowest to highest: blade, sword or "armar" (equivalent to a sergeant), swordcaptain (patrol leader), rorden (in charge of a watchpost or barracks, or either five or six patrols), orsar (envoy to guilds, citizen groups, noble families; also serves as prisoner escorts and in honor guards), guardsword (duty head for shifts patrolling the city docks and gates), commander ("officer of the shift"), and watchlord (the administrative and disciplinary heads of the watch, usually three or four officers who hold special titles personally bestowed on them by Piergeiron). The Captain of the Watch holds sway over all of these.

The watch also has special offices (such as jailer, armorer, and horsemaster) that are held in addition to ranks.

"Civilar" is a term applied to all ranks from swordcaptains up through orsar.

Swordcaptains and higher always wear uniforms or (rarely) armor with uniform tabards, and any watch member may wear helms, gauntlets, and leather armor if they (or a superior officer) deems it necessary. A watch member doesn't have the right to order an inferior watch member not to wear armor.

Rank badges take the form of tabards; thanks to widespread counterfeiting, pins are no longer used except on ceremonial occasions. By rank, these badges are as follows (all are encircled by an oval line sculpted into a rolling wave at the bottom and the peak of Mount Waterdeep at the top):

  • Blade: diagonal slash (lower left to upper right) 
  • Sword: diagonal slash (upper left to lower right) 
  • Swordcaptain: X shape (crossed diagonal slashes) 
  • Rorden: horizontal dagger (hilt on left) 
  • Orsar: vertical open human right hand, fingers uppermost and palm showing 
  • Guardsword: two horizontal swords, upper one with hilt right, lower one with hilt left 
  • All higher ranks: two staring eyes, horizontal sword beneath them (hilt on left) 

Pay and Equipment

A watch member receives 25 gp upon joining, plus a free uniform, a pair of boots, training, and (one) weapon. If dismissed without completing training, all must be returned except 12 gp.

Thereafter the watch member receives free room and board at assigned watch barracks (bunk, small beer, simple fare, bath access, weapon oil; need not be accepted, or can be taken up only on a casual "feel like it tonight" basis), plus 5 sp per day (active duty or not), plus 4 sp per patrol (normally only one patrol per day per watch person, the day normally being divided into three slightly-overlapping shifts/patrols). Officers receive the same 5 sp rate, but 5 sp, 7 sp, or 1 gp per patrol, depending on rank.

The watch member also receives one replacement uniform, a pair of boots, and an additional weapon per year; others must be paid for out of salary. (Additional weapons and gear are often issued "for free" out of armory lockups for patrol use, but must be returned or replaced.)

About Skullport

A comment from Ed Greenwood:

  • The existence of Skullport is common knowledge in Waterdeep, and has been for years.

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