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A Note About Scornubel's Alignment

According to the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, the Western Heartlands does not have a prevailing alignment. Still, what could be the prevailing alignment of the citizens of Scornubel, and its adjacent communities? And, what could the alignment of Scornubel's power center, its council, be? In A Grand Tour of the Realms, the ruler of the city of Scornubel is mentioned, lady Rhessajam Ambermantle (NG female Tethyrian1 human Bard 14). The Lady Rhessajan is supported by three lord high advisors named Burdan (LN male Tethyrian1 human Ftr12), Deep (NE male Tethyrian1 human T9), and Phantar (NG male Tethyrian1 human Ftr13). Thus, the alignment of Scornubel's power center should be NG (non-canon). In addition, the most common alignments could be (non-canon) NG, LN, and NE, if most of the  inhabitants of Scornubel would have the same alignment as the power center has.

Now, it could be interesting to know how much support the ruler and her three advisors have among the inhabitants of Scornubel, and how popular each of them. With the help of Dragon Magazine #295, and 2d10s (for support) and 1d6 (for popularity) I come to the following (non-canon) results: Rhessajan 26% (4), Burdan 26% (4), Deep 24% (2), and Phantar 24% (5). Thus, for some strange reason, they seam to have almost the same support from the populace, and with Phantar being the most popular of them (popularity 5).

Table -- Alignment of Scornubel's Citizens



1 -  32


33 - 48


49 - 64 NE
65 - 73 LG
74 - 82 N
83 - 91 CG
92 - 94 CN
95 - 97 LE
99 - 100 CE


1 Taking the liberty to assign Tethyrian as human ethnic group.

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